A Guide to using Tissue Salts

04 April, 2019

This week we are going to tell you about Tissue Salts and how you can use them in your daily life.

What are Tissue Salts?

Tissue Salts are also known as biochemical or cell salts. They are the minerals found in soil and rocks, the inorganic materials that are necessary to the healthy functioning of our bodies.

The discovery of tissue salts is strongly connected with Homeopathy. Indeed, Dr Wilhelm Schuessler was a student of Samuel Hahnemann who is considered to be the founder of Homeopathy.

Schuesslers research established that each cell in our bodies contains 12 key substances. These substances are the tissue salts and they are essential to a healthy body. Schuessler identified these substances had the ability to restore balance to the cells of the body when they are imbalanced or nutrient deficient.

A tissue salt is an essential salt for the body. They are regarded as building blocks for the body without which the body would fall into imbalance and therefore be more susceptible to disease and distress. It is thanks to Schuesslers research that we understand the importance of tissue salts. He determined that illness occurred when our cells did not have the correct nutrition. Impoverished cells then became vulnerable to illness.

Tissue Salts are particularly effective when a person’s immune system is compromised as they are extremely gentle. They can help ease the body back to strength. These nutrients are suitable for everyone from babies to the elderly. By providing cell restoring properties the salts allow our bodies to perform more effectively.

The dosage of these salts is very low and so they are repeated several times a day when needed. The body will require a regular intake while it is in deficit. In this state these important nutrients will be absorbed very quickly and can taste sweet to the patient.

Tissue Salts are perceived as homeopathic because they are diluted in the same way that homeopathic remedies are. However, they are not prescribed on a like cures like basis as a homeopathic remedy is. A homeopathic remedy is prescribed according to individuals specific symptoms.

The list of Tissue Salts

There are twelve key tissue salts for your convenience we have listed them and their particular affinities.

The first three are calcium salts:

NO.1 CALC FLUOR – this salt supports our blood and helping with issues of circulation, varicose veins and piles. It is recognised for restoring elasticity to tissues.

NO.2 CALC PHOS – a number of health problems are dealt with by this remedy. They include indigestion, teething pains and chilblains. Calc Phos also acts as a cell restorer.

NO.3 CALC SULPH – this is another blood supporter by purifying the blood. It is also helpful with acne.

NO.4 FERR PHOS – this is the iron salt. It supports the body through fever and inflammation and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is very supportive where someone is anaemic.

The next three salts are potassium based:

NO.5 KALI MUR – This salt detoxifies and helps us through coughs and colds.

NO.6 KALI PHOS – This remedy is excellent for any nervous strain, stress and nervous exhaustion. I have prescribed this remedy so many times to help people who are just exhausted.

NO.7 KALI SULPH – Health issues supported with this remedy are catarrh and it also helps metabolism.

NO.8 MAG PHOS – This magnesium salt is fabulous for cramp and neuralgia.

The next three salts are sodium based:

NO.9 NAT MUR – This is a major remedy and is so supportive in redressing water levels within our bodies. It helps us with colds, loss of smell or taste.

NO.10 NAT PHOS – If you have stomach and digestive issues particularly involving acid this is the remedy to try.

NO.11 NAT SULPH – This salt acts as a liver cleanser and helps us with flu and biliousness.

NO.12 SILICA – The final salt is so valuable to anyone with brittle nails and skin complaints. Silica helps the skin and connective tissue.

As you can see these salts address core cell functions and offer support to our entire body.

Why should we take Tissue Salts?

Sadly, we become deplete of these nutrients because we eat poor diets and our soil has been degraded to the level that it can no longer offer us a well-balanced supply of nutrients.

We talk about this regularly so you know how much importance we place on a good diet full of local organic nutrient providing food. If you need a reminder of why we talk about this so much just refer to the junk food blog I wrote recently.
Unfortunately, diet is not the only source of mineral depletion. Many environmental factors such as pollution, toxicity, contaminated water, electro pollution and stress all add to the chaos.

All of these factors contribute to an unbalanced body; this potentially leads to illness and lack of harmony within the body. The longer this continues the more likely the damage will affect the functioning of our individual cells.

When you read through the list of salts perhaps you felt that most could be applied to you? It is probable that if you are deficient in one salt you may well be lacking other salts too.

Fortunately, we are able to offer you specific combinations of remedies that will help you deal with particular conditions. It just makes life easier!

Specific Combinations

New Era is our choice for combination remedies!

Please read the descriptions carefully. With headaches for example there are two options combination F addresses nervous headaches whereas S helps sick headaches. Your stomach complaint may respond to C, E or S. Different pains require specific remedies so take your time to assess which are the right ones for you:

A – Sciatica, Neuralgia and Neuritis

B – Nervous System

C – Acidity, heartburn and digestion

D – Skin

E – Indigestion Flatulence and Colic

F - Fatigue, headache, migraine and nervous headaches

G – Backache, piles and lower back pain

H – Hay fever, allergies and rhinitis

I – Muscular pain and stiffness

J – Congestion, coughs and colds

K – Falling hair and weak nails

L – Varicose veins circulation, sedentary lifestyle

M – Rheumatism

N – Menstrual pain

P – Aching feet and legs

Q – Catarrh and sinus

R – Teething

S – Stomach bilious sick headaches

We hope you have enjoyed this article and that it will encourage you to try these essential salts.

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