A Healthy First Aid Kit
22 June, 2017

During the summer we are out and about more so we thought it would be a good idea to suggest a kit of healthy first aid tools that you could have with you.

These are the products that go with me when I travel

  1. Arnica this brilliant homeopathic remedy not only looks after bruises and jet lag but it deals with shock , trauma and pain
  2. Aloe Vera Gel the purer the better look for 99% products. This is amazing for calming down sunburnt skin and no nasty chemicals put on to your skin!
  3. Peppermint Oil acts as a breath freshener and really helps those cranky tummies. Just one drop in some water is normally enough. Don’t use more or you will blow your head off!
  4. China 30c helps rehydrate a person after diarrhoea, blood loss, dehydration or vomiting. It is so much more convenient than sachets needing water
  5. Lavender Oil just has so many uses so let’s stick with
    1. it get rid of headaches
    2. soothes skin,
    3. helps you sleep,
    4. deters insects
    5. it smells nice too
  6. Garlic keeps the mosquitoes at bay always useful if you are vulnerable to bites. Take in capsule form for convenience
  7. Revival Remedy keeps everyone calm and relaxed
  8. Echinacea keeps the colds at bay
  9. Eucalyptus is great for any breathing or congestion issues. Pop in a bowl of hot water or on a tissue to help keep your airways open
  10. Grapefruit Oil rubbed on a fragile forehead helps a hangover and make you feel cheerful to boot
  11. Prefer a pill for the hangover? Nux Vomica does an amazing job. It also works on cranky not yet relaxed partners who think they should be accessing their emails rather than enjoying the holiday
  12. Lemongrass is an insect deterrent. Spray in the room, put drops on tissues or put in your skin cream
  13. Magnesium Salts are wonderful for aching muscles are a long day of travelling just ease into that bath and feel the relief!
  14. Arg Nit is the remedy of choice for anyone with a fear of flying or who anticipates all that could go wrong
  15. Water Wipes are essential for mopping up the inevitable messy faces and hands
  16. Ginger sweets for travel sickness
  17. Colloidal Silver to purify local water
  18. Calendula to heal broken skin NB clear out any dirt or infection before using
  19. Coconut Oil has a multitude of uses – but a small tub is great for sore lips and adding moisture to any dry area
  20. A bottle of water for hydration and cleaning purposes

Then there are the staples like

Scissors, plasters, bandages, cotton wool, emergency phone numbers and of course the phone!!





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