Back to School Healthy Routines

23 August, 2018

Haven’t we had a fabulous summer! Every summer holiday all the regular routines go out of the window. Children go free range, eating what they want when they want – usually lots of snacks and this year loads of ice cream and other chilled goodies. Bedtime hours get forgotten and best of all no homework!

Now it is time for healthy habits to be established again.

There are two important habits to establish.

Healthy food is a top priority. Your kids need great fuel to help them concentrate and have the energy to get them through the day. There is a good chance that eating habits have got lazy since the end of school.

It is Organic September what a great opportunity to introduce healthy habits for all the family. Organic food tastes better and provides your family with more of the important nutrients they need to maintain good health. In addition, you are not filling them with masses of preservatives and additives.

A healthy plate includes

  • Wild fish, organic meat and poultry
  • Free range eggs
  • Kefir

Good Fats:

  • Avocado
  • Coconut oil
  • Extra virgin oil
  • Nuts and seeds

Good fibre:

  • Fresh organic vegetables
  • Chia seeds
  • Flaxseeds
  • Apples
  • Other fruits are fine but be careful of their GI and make sure you choose low GI options

Start their day with a great breakfast, Remember they need the energy to learn, focus and get through the day. Make sure you choose some protein and slow release carbs to sustain them through the morning.

Easing your children back from sugar overload could be a challenge. Introduce healthy snacks for playtime and lunches. Here are a few ideas to help you:

  • Carrot batons or other crunchy veg to dip in hummus
  • A piece of fruit like an apple or some berries
  • Give them coconut water to ensure they stay hydrated
  • Nuts and seeds - add some coconut chips for some healthy sweetness
  • Vegetable crisps are loved by everyone
  • Yogurts
  • Introduce cinnamon as a topping to their hot milk at bedtime or sprinkle it on desserts and porridge. It tastes great and helps the body to keep blood sugar levels balanced.

Lowering their sugar intake will help by balancing their blood sugar leading to children who are

  • Energised
  • Focused and attentive
  • Calm and balanced
  • Less likely to have mood swings
  • Able to maintain an even weight and not become overweight

If your children have picky eating habits they can miss out on important nutrients. You may need to consider supplements to fill the gap.

We suggest

  • A good multi vitamin and mineral

By choosing a good MVM you provide your child with a broad spectrum of nutrients and a better chance of absorbing all the nutrients they need.

  • Fish oils

Essential fatty acids are necessary because the body does not produce them by itself; we need to get them from food sources. Fish oils are associated with improved brain function.

  • Immune support

Change of class, school or friends will expose your children to different bugs. This can challenge their immunity. Boost their systems with an immune support product.

  • Probiotics/Kefir

Gut health is so important for our overall health. Diets may have got out of sync during the summer. Using gut balance formulas can help get them back on track.

We have supplements for all ages. You may need to pay particular attention to your teenagers. They are growing, experiencing hormonal changes and dealing with lots of stress at school. Give them a helping hand – and make your life easier by ensuring they get some good supplements to help them through the day.

The second vital habit to establish is a good sleep routine. Your children cannot manage a full day at school without a good night’s sleep. Why not start easing them into earlier bedtimes now to help them prepare for school restarting?

Make sure they have quiet time before bed. The last hour or two should be electronics free. This helps them relax and get ready for sleep. Bath time is a great way of slowing the night down, then straight into PJ’s, story time and then lights out. Drop some lavender oil in the bath and this will aid their relaxation even further.

If they are really struggling with sleep we have some lovely sleep aids that can help them get back into a good sleep regime. Keeping their routine regular is a big help.

As they get older introduce deep breathing and meditation. Not only does meditation have health benefits it really helps you to be relaxed and calm. This in turn supports your focus and concentration. 

School days are not always the halcyon days we like to remember, there are pressures to perform, to fit in and be one of the crowd, fears and anxieties and sometimes bullying.

We have a variety of flower essences that can help with many of the situations your children may face. For example

  • Emergency essence is a great all-rounder to deal with anxiety
  • Walnut supports them through change. It really helps those who find it hard to adapt to new situations
  • Honeysuckle deals with homesickness. This translates to the "I want to go back to my old class" scenario
  • Centaury helps strengthen them up when they need to learn to say no.
  • Larch helps address their lack of confidence

We hope these simple tips will ease you back into the school year and enable you to keep your family healthy and well during the forthcoming term.











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