Causes of Joint Pain and Natural Solutions

22 February, 2018

This time of year when it is cold and damp brings any joint issues to our attention. You may be familiar with the creak, grumble and groan of getting up from the chair or out of bed in the morning. If so please read on

Causes of Joint pain

There are a variety of reasons why we get joint pain

  • Injury is often a starting point. Despite our best efforts an accident can often leave us with a weakness that stays with us all the time/surfaces when it is damp.
  • Posture can affect our joints too. Driving, sitting at our desks or carrying heavy bags can all impact our posture
  • Exercise be it too much or too little can cause joint concerns
    • When we don’t exercise enough we can get aches and pains through not using our bodies
    • Equally too much exercise and overusing our bodies can cause both injuries as well as aches and pains
  • Ageing is a natural process and as we age our joints show signs of wear and tear
  • Insomnia can also be a source of aches and pains. Our bodies simply have not had the rest they need
  • Diseases such as arthritis can cause crippling pain

All of these reasons are linked into inflammation. When we get pain there will be inflammation in our joints

Natural Joint Pain Solutions

There are many different options to help you with your joint pain. In reality, it can be very confusing so we have selected a few of our favourites.

Anti-inflammatories include

It can be hard to know how much of each ingredient to take each day. Supplements provide you with balanced combinations that get those ratios right.

Solgar 7 for joint pain is a favourite with us. This is because it contains

  • Vitamin C – a top antioxidant helping rid us of toxins
  • Boswellia – better known as frankincense and offers anti-inflammatory support
  • Turmeric – when teamed with boswellia it has been shown to beat top painkillers
  • White Willow Bark – eases pain and offers anti-inflammatory support
  • Ginger – immune boosting, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory!
  • Cartilage - collagen – helps to repair after an injury
  • Cayenne and black pepper – stimulate and enhances use of other nutrients. Like all other ingredients it is anti-inflammatory

This product is designed to increase your mobility, flexibility and range of motion. What is amazing is that you will are likely to see results within just 7 days! 

Other options you can try include:

Glucosamine – this ingredient is found in cartilage making it great for repair work. It is a favourite joint solution with many of our customers. Look out for HCL versions if you have a long term problem. Sulphate options are more suited to short term issues such as an injury

Omega support comes from Viridian and their Omega oil. Omega oils help fight inflammation and we need to eat them or supplement because the body does not create its own. Remember they are not called Essential Fatty Acids for nothing!

Kordel give us a green mussel gel called Musseltone. Why green mussels? Just think of the sea minerals and the abundance of omega 3 the gel provides.  Research has found green mussels have a beneficial impact on both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Rosehip is another alternative this nutrient is a good antioxidant and so helps prevent free radical damage to tissues. It has been found to ease inflammation and is beneficial for both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Vogel offer us the fabulous herb Devils Claw which is extremely effective at combating arthritic pain. It achieves this by blocking some inflammatory pathways. In addition, it has pain reducing properties too.

Rhus Tox is a homeopathic remedy that is particularly useful for those who find first movements stiff and uncomfortable. Typically, these people will ease up as they move more; the key is the first movement.

There are many different homeopathic remedies to address different aspects of pain Rhus Tox is highlighted because it has helped so many of my patients. Partner it with arnica for even greater relief.

Natural tips for preventing Joint Pain

If you are lucky enough to not have joint pain here are some suggestions to help you avoid future joint issues:

  • Diet! Yes we always talk about diet but you know how vital good food is to keep your body in good shape.
    • Choose organic vegetables, fruit and wholefoods
    • Make sure spices like ginger and turmeric are part of your daily regime. This doesn’t mean eating curry every day you could always have a Turmeric latte!
    • Keep the sugars to a minimum
    • Have a good balance of omega oils focus on omega 3 not omega 6 – remember we get plenty of 6 already!
  • Move! The old saying "use it or lose it" couldn’t be truer. Make sure you incorporate some daily exercise into your routine.
    • Walk to the shops rather than drive
    • Take the stairs not the lift
    • Find an exercise that you really enjoy
    • Have more than one activity some different muscles and joints are put into action
  • Weight! Could you lose some? If so, don’t ignore it, make a plan. The more unnecessary weight your body carries the more strain you put on your joints

We hope that this helps you experience less pain as we all patiently wait for the warmth of spring. Look after those joints and enjoy many more years of mobility and freedom!




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