CBD oil and capsules now available at Shipley Health Store - a great addition to our Hemp range.
19 August, 2016



Our CBD oil is derived from EU approved, UK legal, industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.). Within the licenced framework by the Home Office which covers foods and medicinal products that have been used to treat many conditions.

  • The active ingredient, Cannabidiol, is non psychoactive unlike its close relative THC.CBD (Cannabidiol) is not scheduled and is found in all hemp products. We have written confirmation from the Home Office which can be found in the product image gallery.
  • This is the only UK legal CBD product currently on the market that meets all the regulatory requirements for a food supplement. Don’t risk purchasing an imported CBD oilthat does not conform to UK legislation.
  • The first single dose CBD product to be available in the UK. Manufactured to the highest standards in England and available in 4 quantity measures – 10mg, 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.
  • Prices vary from £22.00 to £70.00
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