Coffee Alternatives
07 February, 2013

Coffee, originating in Ethiopia, has been used for centuries to keep people awake and more focused – however it is becoming clearer that high levels of caffeine consumption can cause or exacerbate health problems such as anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, high blood pressure and withdrawal symptoms on cessation. People suffering from these symptoms may well see drastic improvements from quitting coffee. Cutting the caffeine can be difficult, but many people find that using a caffeine free alternative to coffee will help them cut down, so you can still enjoy your hot drinks but without the edge! Don’t think Ersastz, think about a new experience!

We stock a range of different barley-based drinks, which are often popular due to their similarly bitter taste to coffee.  Original Barleycup, Organic Yannoh and Caro are three brands which are blends of rye, chicory and barley to make delicious and naturally caffeine free hot drinks, Yannoh also contains acorns. The experts in Herbal Health at A. Vogel have their own blend of coffee substitute as well, namely Bambu – a mix of Chicory, Figs, Cereals and Acorns.

A novel alternative to regular coffee is Symington’s Instant Dandelion Coffee, made from the roots of the Dandelion plant, which also emulates the bitter taste of coffee while naturally containing no caffeine.

Other alternatives to consider are herbal teas (see the Great Wall of Teas []), which can have numerous health benefits for those who consume them, and the classic chocolate-based drinks (Green and Black’s is the world leader in organic chocolate and we are proud to stock their hot chocolate and cocoa).

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