Diet Declutter – Gluten Free

02 May, 2017


Continuing our theme of decluttering for spring we thought it was a good idea to talk gluten free diets.

This diet can often be dismissed as a fad that has become trendy and will go away at some point.

Last Autumn BBC’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor trialled a gluten free diet. 43/ 50 participants stayed on the diet because they felt better. That seems like an interesting response to us.

As with any diet there are degrees of tolerance. Reactions to gluten can be extreme or simply inconvenient. There are people who will react violently to even a crumb containing gluten. At the other end of the spectrum you may get a mild discomfort or upset tummy.


How do you tell if you might be reacting to Gluten?

You may suffer from:

Changes in weight

Digestive issues such as

  • wind
  • nausea or vomiting
  • change in bowel movements
  • stomach pain
  • urgency to go to the toilet

If that isn’t enough add these symptoms too

Skin issues

Inability to absorb nutrients

Lack of energy

Lack of concentration

Low spirits going to the extreme of depression

Aches and pains

There are many more possible symptoms and of course, people can display no symptoms at all!

Gluten intolerance can be mistaken for many other health issues. This makes it harder to identify. If you have concerns the simplest way to find out is cut gluten from your diet for one month. This is the simplest way to establish what is happening in your body.


What is Gluten?

It is a combination of proteins that are found in rye, wheat and barley products. At this point it is worth mentioning that wheat free does not mean gluten free. This is something that catches many people out so please be aware.


What does it do to our bodies?

When we have a problem with gluten the body identifies gluten as an invader and will defend against it. In brief, it causes a reaction within your stomach that prevents you from absorbing nutrients. You become ill because you cannot get the vital nutrients you need – hence all the other possible diseases that gluten intolerance gets confused with.


What can I eat?

We have compiled a list of safe foods. Rather than write a big long list here, you can see our list on our website or we can email it to you. 


Gluten takes about nine months to get out of the system. Don’t worry you will feel better much quicker than that. Please read our next blog which is all about my experience of going GF.

This just scratches the surface of a big subject and we will give you more information in coming months. In the meantime, if you have a suspicion that you may have a problem with gluten we suggest you try eliminating it for one month. In this time you will know whether you have a problem or not, I certainly noticed a massive difference!


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