Diets around the World

28 March, 2017


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Diets around the World

Hello did you have a fabulous weekend? We hope you soaked up some of that glorious D3 beaming down on you!

Were you spoilt or did you do the spoiling on Mother’s Day?  Did you give us your Mother’s Day story? If you didn't you lost the opportunity to give your Mum a lovely treat for free!  Watch this space for the Easter Family Gift

You know our passion is food. We love to share this with you. We believe in eating local it has many advantages

  • our bodies are accustomed to the local foods
  • generates less food miles
  • supporting the local economy

However, we are always curious as to how other groups of people maintain their health.

 We thought you might like to journey round the world with us and explore some different diets.

We are starting in North Pakistan with the Hunza tribe. These amazing people live a very simple life. They do not have the resources or the food supply that we do and yet they are outliving us by a huge margin. They look so much younger than us; their skin is lovely and their quality of life good right up to a few days before death.

Take a look at this clip …..

There are so many to choose from take your pick!

The key to the Hunza story seems to be simplicity, lack of chemicals or additives and a physical lifestyle.  Food wise their diet consists of apricots and mainly fresh fruit and vegetables.

In our society the use of apricot kernels attracts a multitude of opinions. There are those who swear by them and those who hotly protest their danger to our health. The Hunza people credit apricot consumption with their longevity of life. In our society, there are those who champion apricot use in the fight against cancer. The opposing opinion is that the kernels have a negative impact on the body.

The Hunza people follow the principles of the alkaline diet.  Their diet is comprised of fruit, vegetables and grains such as buckwheat and millet.

Our bodies work to a p H scale. The levels are as follows:

0-7 is acidic

7 is neutral

7 + is alkaline

Your diet can contribute acid to your body.

Think about your day. Some of you probably start with a refined cereal, bread, coffee, fruit juice, jam and maybe a cigarette?? We hope not to that one!

For lunch you might choose a meat sandwich and wash it down with a carbonated drink.

In the evening you may stop for an alcoholic drink on your way home or go out later on. You might eat pasta with more protein.

In each of these options you have chosen acid forming combinations.

This could be further aggravated by emotional stress either at work, within the family or your relationships.  This will potentially generate more acid.

The headache your day has caused you may have you reaching for an aspirin or other medication – all adding to your acid load

We believe that good health is about balance and harmony within the body. If your body is leaning more towards acidity rather than being neutral that suggests imbalance.

Here is a list of Alkaline Foods:

Melons – especially watermelon, mango, papaya, passionfruit, pineapple, sweet grapes, raspberries and strawberries, apples

Asparagus, vegetable juices, garlic, peas, avocados, alfalfa sprouts, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, ginger, potatoes, pumpkin, corn

Kelp, seaweeds


Millet, Fermented tofu or tempeh

We hope this was of interest to you. Look out for our next journey around the world when we will explore another diet.

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