An Easter Treat!

10 April, 2017

We promised you an Easter Treat so here it is…

We will post some questions on Facebook this week.

All you have to do is answer the questions and email us the answers at with the subject line "Easter Competition 2017"

The winner will get our Easter Family Prize!


So let’s talk chocolate…

Like so many foods chocolate gets a mixed press.

Of course, there is chocolate and then there is chocolate…

As ever, the product you choose makes a big difference.

The best products are organic, dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content

Chocolate has been part of our diet for many centuries. It has become the “go to” treat. It is easy to eat on the move and it tastes great!

With all foods there are two sides to the story and chocolate is no exception.


Here are The Cons

It is often loaded with sugar

Sugar content makes it addictive

Blood sugar levels can vary greatly depending on level of consumption

It is empty calories and encourages weight gain

Associated with skin problems


Here are The Pros

Research continues and there are hints that chocolate could be supportive to

Brain Function

Reducing Cholesterol

Lowering Blood Pressure – The Kuna Indians of Panama drink cocoa are their main drink and have extremely low blood pressure

Reducing the risk of heart problems


We love to be healthy so we apply the 80 / 20 rule. This means if we are good 80% of the time we have 20% wriggle room!

So if we

Eat a good diet

Drink plenty of fresh water

Get regular exercise

Enjoy our relaxation time

Then we feel it is OK to have a treat and what better treat than a cube or two or dark cocoa rich chocolate?

It gives us a fabulous taste sensation, lots of pleasure and a wonderful treat.

Happy Easter from everyone at Shipley Health Store

Enjoy the chocolate!



Are you worried that you may be eating too much chocolate?

Do you think you could be addicted to chocolate?

Do you want help?

Come in and talk to us, we have great products to help you!

Here's a link to blood glucose review Karen wrote

How about a Sugar Detox?


Buy 10 get 10% discount  Free Delivery on orders over £25


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