Essential Oils and their uses

06 June, 2017


This week is Aromatherapy Week. Most people associate aromatherapy with massage. An aromatherapy massage is a wonderful and relaxing experience but there is so much more to Aromatherapy and the use of Essential Oils. We are just going to give you a taster today.

Essential oils are extracted from flowers, fruits, gums, plants, trees, leaves, roots and grasses. Their properties vary from oil to oil but many are antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal or anti-inflammatory so you can see their use goes way beyond pretty smells.

Some oils are toxic, some are not appropriate for use by pregnant women and some oils can irritate the skin. Please see our guidelines or ask in the shop for further information. We will even email this information to you if you would like that.


So how can you use oils in your everyday life?

  • You can make your own signature perfume
  • A bath smells great with your own choice of oils in it
  • Diffusers, oil burners or room sprays can allow you to enjoy your favourite smell throughout the house
  • Oils can be a great first aid support – we have given you a few ideas below
  • Massage of course is so much nicer with some lovely smells
  • Household cleaning can be done with oils too – saves using all those nasty chemicals! Think of oils like lemon, pine, eucalyptus to make your cleaning more natural
  • Skincare products like shower or bath products, face and body creams can all be enhanced by your favourite oils

Coming SOON …we will have base products that you can create your own personal shower or face cream with…

Different oils will complement each other and work well in blends. Lavender and Germanium is a very popular combination. Peppermint is such a strong scent it does not lend itself to blending. Frankincense will work well with germanium, lavender, sandalwood and citrus oils. Ultimately, it is what you like so just play and find what works for you. 

Essential oils for everyday use

LAVENDER – Rub a few drops of diluted lavender on your forehead and your headache will disappear. Put a few drops on a tissue and tuck inside your pillow it will help you sleep

PEPPERMINT – Put a few drops in some oil and rub on your aching tummy. Use one drop – (no more its strong stuff!) In a glass of water for fresh breath. Got a mice problem? Leave some on cotton wool in the area where they are, they hate it! NB Do not use if you have mouth or stomach ulcers

GINGER – Use ginger in a lemon and honey drink for a sore throat or cold. Rub a few diluted drops on your tummy for digestive issues or rub on aching muscles

EUCALYPTUS – Great oil for when you are all stuffed up with a cold and can’t breathe. Get a bowl of hot water, add a few drops, and with a towel over your head, place your head over the bowl inhale for ten minutes. Do this up to four times a day. Alternatively, pop some on a tissue and inhale during the day.

GRAPEFRUIT – Feeling a little low? Put some grapefruit oil on a tissue and inhale or burn some in an oil burner or diffuser, it will cheer you up.

TEA TREE – Add tea tree to hair shampoo when head lice need to be tackled. Put it in your conditioner too! Use diluted on spots to dry them out.

CHAMOMILE – great for putting in the bath with a grumpy teething baby, it really calms them down

ROSEMARY – Put in a diffuser or oil burner if you need to concentrate, it really helps. Rub on aching muscles after a hard day.

CLARY SAGE – this is lovely oil if you are suffering hormonal imbalances. Just pop a few drops in your bath each night and maybe put some on a tissue to carry round with you.

LEMONGRASS – ideal at this time of year for deterring insects. Either buy lemongrass candles or pop some drops onto your candle. You can have bowls of water with the oil in too – just scatter them around where you are sitting

YLANG-YLANG – this very heady oil is not to everyone’s taste but is considered a very sensual scent. It also helps hormonal issues and irritability although it can cause headaches too!

Oils are generally not used neat, they are usually blended with carrier oils, often sweet almond but there are a number of other choices such as Jojoba, Avocado, Sunflower or Wheat germ. See our guidelines for help on blending!


Some suppliers will provide the oil already blended so these are fine for immediate use but if you want to make your own always ensure you buy an essential oil and not a blend.

Oils like Rose or Jasmine are very expensive so it is more common to see them already blended. You may see Rose Absolute and wonder why you get so little and it costs so much this is because it is the real deal not a blend

We hope you can see there are many opportunities to use essential oils and that they can enhance your life with lovely aromas and health benefits.

This is a huge subject and we have just scratched the surface but we hope you found it interesting and that you will experiment with these fabulous products. 












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