28 January, 2013

With winter in full swing, who can resist the allure of freshly made scones, biscuits or bread? It’s not as hard as you think to get started with home-baking, and we make it easier with our range of flours you’ll find it easy enough to get something in the oven! With our wide range of organic flours you’ll find it easy to keep eco friendly! Vegans and those with gluten sensitivity will be pleased as well. Not just confined to traditional common wheat, you can also try out alternatives including buckwheat, spelt, semolina, rye, rice, malted, teff, soya and sunflower seed flours!

Brands we stock range from the larger Doves Farm and Suma to the family mills of Marriages and Shipton Mill to the co-operative Infinity Foods to the gluten-free specialists Orgran. All the brands we deal with have a long history of providing quality organic flours to bakers and individuals interested in quality baking, and today we’re bringing them to you! Below find a summary of all flours we regularly have in store or are able to order, sorted by brand.


Bacheldre Watermill Stoneground Rye Flour (Low in Gluten!)

Community Brown Rice Flour

Corn Flour from Country Organics

Doves Farm Barleycorn Bread Flour

Doves Farm Brown Bread Flour (Gluten and Wheat Free!)

Doves Farm Corn Flour

Doves Farm English Wholegrain Einkorn Flour (Organic, Wholegrain and Vegan!)

Doves Farm Fine Plain English Wholemeal flour (Organic and Vegan!)

Doves Farm Fine Plain White Flour (Organic and Vegan!)

Doves Farm Gluten Free Rice Flour

Doves Farm Organic Rye Flour

Doves Farm organic Strong White Bread Flour (Vegan!)

Doves Farm Plain White Flour

Doves Farm Self Raising White Flour

Doves Farm Self Raising Wholemeal flour

Doves Farm White Spelt Flour

Doves Farm Wholegrain Buckwheat Flour

Doves Farm Wholegrain Spelt Flour

Doves Gluten + Wheat Free White SR Flour

Gilchchesters Organics Stoneground Organic Semolina

Infinity Foods Organic Buckwheat Flour

Infinity Foods Quinoa Flour

Marriages 100% Canadian Very Strong White Flour

Marriages Finest Plain Flour

Marriages Finest Self Raising Flour

Marriages Finest Strong White Flour

Marriages Organic Malted Brown Flour

Marriages Organic Plain White Flour

Marriages Organic Strong White Flour

Marriages Organic Strong Wholemeal Flour

Marriages Strong Wholemeal Flour

Marriges 100% Canadian Very Strong Wholemeal Flour

Infinity Foods Organic Soya Flour

Orgran Gluten Free All Purpose Plain Flour

Orgran Self Raising Flour

Shipton Mill Three Malts & Sunflower Brown Flour

Suma Organic Brown Rice Flour

Suma Organic Soya Flour

Suma Brown Teff Flour

Suma White Teff Flour

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