Get a better gut feeling with Molkosan
26 January, 2013

Gut Feelings
Nowadays, most people know that friendly gut bacteria are good for digestive health, and the popular belief has been that if gut bacteria have become imbalanced, all that is necessary to rectify the situation is to bung some more friendly gut bacteria in there.
In practice, this view may be flawed, as a poor gut environment will not sustain good gut bacteria, so before trying to repopulate the gut with the good bacteria you have to provide a good environment.

Prebiotics prepare the ground for good gut bacteria and provide the food to sustain
them. Then the probiotics that you use will be able to thrive. One exciting prebiotic is

How does Molkosan help you?
• Digestive symptoms such as constipation and bloating improve
• As you are less bloated and uncomfortable, your energy levels and general
feeling of well being increase
• Due to the steadily increasing digestive ability, your metabolism picks up,
which can help with weight loss if this is an issue
• The immune system, which gets overwhelmed when unfriendly bacteria flood
the gut, takes a turn for the better and you feel far more able to fight off

Not bad for a tasty and simple remedy that anyone can use!

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