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07 February, 2013

Many people find it hard to maintain the right balance of nutrients in the modern world; recently the Royal College of Paediatrics warned that “up to 25% of UK children are Vitamin D deficient”*. Deficiencies in vitamins or minerals are linked to a wide range of common health complaints, although it can be hard to get everything you need from your diet – and this is where our supplements come in!  We’ve been blogging about our supplements for some time, and below are a few links to articles you may have missed!

We stock a wide range of supplements from the world-renowned Solgar, Viridian, A. Vogel, Nature’s Aid and Nature’s Plus, all of which have a long history of providing cost-effective and high quality nutritional supplements, most of which are organic, vegetarian and vegan. Also noteworthy are Lamberts Healthcare – of which we are the exclusive stockist in Bradford (

 “All in one” multivitamin supplements are getting more and more popular, and can be very cost effective ( although sometimes it can be more useful to tailor your supplement intake to your specific problems – high levels of fatigue, for instance, are linked with low levels of the B Vitamins which help release the energy from your food and B Vitamin capsules could be all you need.

Vitamins other nutritional supplements may help you if you’re on a program to detox yourself – see the Shipley Health Store guide to find some detox-specific supplements ( If you’re planning to take probiotics, or want to take good care of your “good gut bacteria”, you should prime your gut with prebiotics. Read about the Molkosan prebiotic here:

We also have a wide range of different formulations devised for specific conditions (or life phases!), like the menopause (, Irritable Bowel Syndrome ( or those who experience joint pains (

Pure vitamin supplements aren’t the only way to go, as preparations derived from superfoods or microbial sources will contain a wide range of nutrients and minerals. The Viridian Soul Food blend is a fantastic example of a supplement which has been tailored to assist your body with a variety of functions ( Some of Viridian’s other supplements are laid out here:

Don’t forget if you come into the store we can answer your queries – our shop is staffed by a herbalist, nutritionist and a former nurse, all of whom can offer specific advice for many common health complaints.

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