Giving up Sugar

24 April, 2017

Last week I focused on making dietary changes by reducing sugar in your diet. This is a subject that is very close to my heart. Three years ago I had an intolerance test and I found out I was intolerant to sugar and chocolate amongst other things.

This was a crisis for me! I was out on the road rushing around, busy, busy, busy. Chocolate and instant foods were my saviour they kept me going on the long days.

However, I had to acknowledge something was wrong. I was having a number of digestive and skin problems. My energy went up and down like a yo-yo along with my mood.

I had eaten and adored chocolate all of my life; this was a big ask to give it up. I struggled with the concept of intolerance for this reason. I had literally eaten chocolate most days of my life.

What I didn’t realise was that intolerance didn’t mean an instant reaction that is saved for full on allergic reactions. Intolerance may not express itself for several hours or longer and sensitivity may take days to show itself

I committed to action my health really needed to improve. I knew I could not do this my sheer will power so I used a supplement containing cinnamon to help me curb my addiction.

Here is another interesting note I craved chocolate and so I kidded myself that my body needed it! Now I reframe that and say my body just couldn’t cope with the withdrawal symptoms of not having it…

Think about it is there a product in your life that you think you can’t live without? It could be the very thing you need to give up…

Within ten days the product was helping me. I found that I no longer had the desire for chocolate. My head was slower to catch up and I would still choose a chocolate option; only to find I got a headache or I just didn’t enjoy the taste.

Interestingly, I began to notice the added sugars in other products like bread. I found that my taste buds changed a lot and what I once considered as not sweet was now just right. The foods I had once craved became far too sweet and cloying in my mouth.

For six months I took the product I was frightened not to take it anymore. Eventually, I was persuaded to give it up and see what happened. Wow! My body chemistry had changed and I no longer needed it.

Three years on I am doing well. I had a bit of a relapse recently and took to the chocolate trail again. I realised what had happened and started back on the product and now all is good again. I admit to this to show we have to be aware all the time what we are doing to our bodies – after all, we only get one and it has to serve us well.

PS If you didn’t read last week’s blog on sugar here’s the link

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