Green People The Story

17 August, 2017

We want to tell you the story of Green People because we feel it is important for you to know the story behind the products we supply. We love to work with ethical and caring companies and Green People certainly fits the bill for us.

Back in 1994 Charlotte Vøhtz’s daughter was struggling with a number of skin problems. Being a loving mum she decided to find some healthy natural solutions.

Fortunately for us Charlotte discovered that being able to call a product “natural” requires a mere 1% of pure ingredients, the remainder can be synthetic!

This discovery drove Charlotte to create products for her daughter herself. The products worked and two years later in 1997 Green People was founded.

Charlotte identified her key principles which she used to define her company and products. First, products were not to be tested on animals and second, many ingredients such as parabens, SLS, synthetic fragrance / colour, alcohol (ethanol) or petrochemicals would not be used in her products.

Charlotte continued to scrutinise her industry and recognised the need for standards in organic health and beauty products. This led to her being involved with the Soil Association and the creation of certification for skin care products.

Green People not only supply great, award winning products but they care about the community and the environment. Each year they give 10% of their net profit to charities such as The Marine Conservation Society, Penny Brohn Cancer care and Chestnut Tree House which provides palliative care for young people with life limiting conditions.

We love companies that are family run and uphold the principles and ethics we hold so dear.

Any successful company innovates and develops new products. Green people are no exception. Shower gels are no longer sea breeze or forest glade impersonators. Now we have:

Organic Aloe Vera combined with lavender to calm and soothe the skin. This product is suitable for the entire family.

The moisturising shower gel smells of neroli which is one of my favourite smells. It gently cleanses you leaving your skin soft and supple.

Need a boost in the morning? Try the vitamin shower gel. With ingredients good enough to eat – avocado, almond, mandarin and bergamot it gives you that boost when you feel bleary eyed in the morning!

Concerned about sensitive skin? Try the Quinoa and Calendula shower gel. Gluten free quinoa helps maintain skin moisture. Calendula is a favourite skin healing ingredient I use regularly as a Homeopath. The sweet orange and ginger add a nice mood boost too

The men of the family are not forgotten! They can choose either the Energising shower gel or the Detox shower gel. The energising product offers a fresh cool scent and pineapple to support dry flaky skin and scalps. Vitamin E and seaweed feed the skin and hair offering a stimulating and detox within the Detox shower gel.

Of course, once you are clean you need a good deodorant to apply!

Like the shower gels a little goes a long way with these products. The great news too is that none of the deodorants block your natural perspiration.  A number have prebiotics to limit the growth of bacteria that causes body odour and they do not contain aluminium either!

Again, there is a good selection to choose from. If you want the prebiotic effect then use either the Aloe Vera or Quinoa product.  If you like a pretty scent the Oy! is fragranced with orange and vanilla. Alternatively, the rosemary and lavender combination works very well.

Do you prefer your scent to do the talking? Then use the neutral/scent free deodorant ideal for sensitive skins.

Men get two options either the no 9 which offers a strong scent of peppermint and eucalyptus - very invigorating in the morning! Or no 8 is tough on odour and fragranced with thyme, clove and lemon.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little about one of our favourite suppliers Green People. Don’t forget to check out the special offers on these products

This company recognise the value of organic produce and use it on their skin care products, because like us they recognise that what we put on our skin as well as what we eat is vitally important to our health.

On that note, can we remind you that we supply an amazing range of organic vegetable produce? Have a look at what is in this week!






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