Gut Health and Organic Food

29 September, 2017

Our view of the relationship between good gut health – and therefore, good overall health and food is simple.

We are what we eat

Whatever analogy you prefer, for the techies compare it to the ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’ concept for computer users. A computer is only as good as the data it is asked to process.

You could look at cars and fuel. Any mechanic will tell you that supermarket fuel is not good for your car, it will clog it up and cause problems because it is not as pure, it has been diluted with other oils to make it go further.

On that basis we believe that the better food we ingest the better our bodies will perform and the more likely they are to work to maximum potential.

We believe organic food is the best choice

Choosing organic produce ticks the boxes

  • Our already stressed digestive systems don’t have to attempt to breakdown chemical herbicides and pesticides
  • Our bodies are able to absorb more and better quality nutrients from the organic food. Antioxidants in particular are offered at far higher levels than in conventional vegetables
  • Antioxidants support our immune system helping us to deal with stress, environmental pollution and many hazards of modern life
  • Organically reared animals and their produce are not subject to standardised antibiotic treatment. This means we aren’t either when we eat organically
  • If we don’t absorb antibiotics via our food they are far more likely to be effective when we need them
  • All of these factors are related to making life easier for the digestive system

Why do we need to help the digestive system?

It is rare to find a person who does not admit to some stress in their lives. Once a body is under stress then body resources are put to the priority issue i.e. fight or flight

In days gone by, stress came in the form of running away from predators. The body responded to this by shutting down non-essential systems.

You are not going to be eating when you are running from a predator! Creating a new life is not going to be on the agenda either so reproductive systems are shut down too.  Elimination processes will be stopped too – there is nothing to process…

Personally, though if I was being chased by a predator I think my elimination systems just might work!!

Many of us stay in fight or flight mode for periods of time, sometimes during extreme duress it may be constant for a while. I am certainly feeling that kind of pressure at the moment as I am trying to move house!

The impact of continually being in fight or flight mode is that we impact our other body systems forcing them out of balance when they are not able to function properly.

A likely starting point would be raised cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone. Increased cortisol can ultimately challenge the adrenals leading to adrenal fatigue. In addition, raised cortisol can suppress our immunity. Alternatively higher levels of cortisol can lead to insulin disruption which in turn disturbs the thyroid balance.

This is a very simplified summary of what can happen to our bodies but I believe it gives you a good indication of the potential chaos in your body which in turn directly affects your health and wellbeing

If we accept that we lead stressful lives, our diets are vital to readdress the balance, but what do most of us offer our bodies?

  • Caffeine to stimulate us and give us energy
  • Sugar once we caffeine crash. We may reach for the sugar for an energy boost – this then becomes a truly vicious circle of highs and lows
  • Carbs to satisfy our need for a nice taste and more short term energy
  • Ready meals, we choose these because we can’t be bothered to prepare a meal. This means our bodies are deprived of quality nutrients

If this scenario is uncomfortable or familiar we ask you to consider the points we have made

Stress at some level is a reality for most people but by taking simple steps like eating a healthy diet using organic produce you are giving your body less challenges to deal with.

You also need to adapt your lifestyle and include regular exercise, “me time”, meditation and fun into your life. If you can do these things you are contributing to a happier and healthier more sustainable environment for all of us

Don't forget we have an in-store event on October 5th about "The importance of Gut Flora"




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