Halloween Trick or Treat Party time!

26 October, 2017

Halloween is here again! It’s time for witches, zombies and blood curling ghost stories.

Would you like to give the kids some tasty treats when they come trick or treating? We have a great selection of free from sweets.

Are you having a party? Halloween is a great time to have fun and be creative. Pumpkins are very much part of Halloween. We found some great pumpkin recipes for you to try.


Of course, our favourite is pumpkin curry. Curry is a versatile dish so why not experiment and use pumpkin next time you make one?

Who knew you could do so much with a pumpkin? Pumpkin really works well with spices. As you know we love our spices and just to remind you spices not only taste good they help us stay healthy. Check out our Indian Spices blog for more ideas and information!

If you create a new pumpkin recipe then why not share it with us? We can put it on our recipe page.

Alternatively, you may just want simple, easy to prepare food. We have created a sample menu based on yummy foods you can buy from us.

A selection of savoury nibbles including crisps, nuts and chilli biscuits

Vegan spring rolls, nut burgers, minestrone soup with a delicious gluten free bread, gluten free pizza, roasted vegetables and chunks of yummy Clive’s pies

Gluten free brownies, fruit kebabs and baked apples topped with winter fruits, cinnamon and dairy free custard

The beauty of this menu is that the nibbles just have to be put in a bowl, the savoury dishes take very little cooking and the brownies can be done ahead of time. Best of all you can buy it all from us – a one stop shop – how easy is that?

It’s the last day of Stoptober so we won’t tempt you with alcoholic suggestions – just say well done if you have made it through October without a drink!

What drinks can you offer?

All the red cordials and juices are obvious choices for blood inspired concoctions. What about some sparkling apple juice with a shot of raspberry? Or add some ginger cordial for more of a kick.

We have a great range of cordials and juices for you. You could go with some more exotic coffee substitutes like the pumpkin chino or a turmeric latte. Why not try the latte recipe, not only is it something different and delicious but it is loaded with great spices.

For party fun don’t forget the apples for bobbing.

How to play apple bobbing

  1. Choose a container that can hold a few apples
  2. Put in cool water and the apples
  3. Get some volunteers
  4. Each person has to hold their hands behind their back whilst trying to capture the apple with their mouth

We hope that gives you some new ideas and you have a great party

We hope you have a great Halloween and that our ideas have inspired you. Let us know how you celebrated Halloween!




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