Happy Foods!
19 February, 2015

There were around 16 people who attended the seminar/ talk which can I say was daunting at first but of which I was made to feel very welcome by both the staff and audience and of which I enjoyed.


I discussed with the group the following points; 


  • There is always a reason to being unhappy, weather it is health related ie; lacking in a vitamin or mineral, and/ or depleted in vitamins and minerals, medication, stress/depression related, sleep problems, illness, social/family/relationship/career issues, not getting outside into the fresh air, not doing enough physical activity. 
  • We also looked at how food and how it has changed & therefore nutritionally it has changed- e.g, different farming, factory farming, more processed food, chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, preservatives, additives, colours in our food and the way food is prepared. the desire for all year round, out of season fruit & veg.
  • We discussed not getting our 5 or even 7 a day which is now recommended.
  • We discussed how having more of a plant based diet gave us more antioxidants then an animal based diet as it was richer in nutrients. 
  • We looked at Vitamin d and how we are all deficient in this.
  • I then went on to discuss happy mood boosting foods(such as oily fish, avocados, turkey, eggs, bananas and why? what is in them and how do they help.) 
  • Then I discussed and went through the same for nutrients, how these can help and vitamins, minerals, herbs, aromatherapy scents and life style changes which could be made. 

At the talk I also used visual aids eg, products (people could pick up and ask questions about), posters, fruit and veg, free samples, leaflets and a 10% off voucher,  all of which helped to promote information and ideas for a happy and healthy lifestyle and of course us - Shipley Health Store.  There was also a chance to tell people what we do, sell, is available at our shop and for people to ask questions.

If you would like one of our friendly team to do a talk at your event please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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