Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

19 February, 2019

Each week we think about what might interest you and so this week we thought we would remind you about Apple Cider Vinegar – ACV from now on in this blog! ACV is a product that has been in use for many centuries. ACV is probably in your cupboard but do you know how much it can do?

Health benefits of ACV

There are a number of areas in which ACV can help:

  • Heart Health
  • Diabetes
  • Weight Control
  • Gut Health
  • Skin Care

ACV for your heart

Our hearts are under pressure from poor diets, stress and lack of exercise. ACV is good news for your heart because it helps by:

  • Managing blood pressure
  • Reducing cholesterol levels

The acetic acid in ACV is associated with the reduction in blood pressure.

Cholesterol is another challenge for the heart and whilst the body needs cholesterol it works best when we have the right levels of both LDL and HDL cholesterol. Participants in a Trust Me I’m a Doctor trial recorded significant decreases in their cholesterol levels in just 8 weeks. When you consider how many people have cholesterol issues that is great news. In addition, ACV appears to reduce LDL (bad) and increases HDL (good) cholesterol.

ACV and Diabetes

Diabetes and obesity are big health concerns at the moment. High intake of sugary and processed foods has led to this situation so we need to find solutions to help people. Fortunately, ACV is good for:

  • Improving insulin resistance
  • Reducing blood sugar levels

Insulin is a key factor for diabetics as it helps the body manage blood sugar levels. The body balance can be disturbed in a couple of ways:

  • By the body not being able to produce insulin – a diabetic state.
  • The body becomes resistant to insulin, in simple terms our body cells do not interact in a normal way with insulin.

There are many people who report improved blood sugar levels as a result of taking ACV. In fact, there are studies that recorded an improvement in insulin sensitivity. Participants were fed a high carb meal which would normally spike blood sugar levels and yet if ACV was part of the meal they recorded a noticeable reduction in blood sugar levels. Studies also noted that using ACV contributed to a 4% reduction in fasting blood sugar levels.

ACV and Weight control

If you have weight issues there is not really an alternative to eating the right foods and exercising more, but there are supports and ACV is one of them. Regular users of ACV have identified that the product helps them control their weight by:

  • Curbing their appetite and making them feel fuller. A great benefit if we don’t eat as much - we can start to lose weight! Research indicated that our food intake could be reduced by 275 calories a day!
  • Weight loss without other changes. I really like this one – without changing anything else in terms of food or exercise people identified they were losing weight!

ACV and gut health

We talk about maintaining a well-balanced gut full of multitudes of bacteria all the time. The microbiome is becoming a household word as people begin to understand the vital role our gut plays in our health. ACV helps by:

  • Being a fermented food. Fermented foods help manage a good balance of gut bacteria - see our blogs on gut health!
    • The process of creating ACV occurs through crushing apples and yeast to ferment into alcohol; bacteria are then added to the mix and acetic acid is created. Acetic acid contributes to reducing both blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Easing acid reflux. A number of users of ACV say they get relief from the unpleasant symptoms of acid reflux through using ACV. This is by taking a teaspoon of ACV in a cup of water before a meal.

Skin Care

With the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that ACV offers it is not surprising that fungal skin infections have been recorded as responding well to the use of ACV. The disinfectant properties make it an excellent remedy for fungal nails and head lice.

How to use ACV

ACV is best diluted so we have given you some ideas on how to incorporate it into your daily regime:

  • As summer approaches and we think of salads. why not use ACV and olive oil to make a nice salad dressing?
  • If you make your own homemade mayonnaise you probably already experiment with different flavour enhancers. The tang of ACV will make an interesting variation on your normal mayonnaise.
  • As we are still in winter why not shush up your stir-fry by mixing ACV with soy sauce for a different flavour?
  • How about a marinade using your favourite ingredients plus ACV?
  • My friends are so creative with dips I am sure there is a way of adding ACV.
  • Make your own pickles – harvest some vegetables and away you go.

We hope that this article has given you some new ideas and reasons to experiment with ACV and that you enjoy the results!

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