Health Benefits of CBD Oil

28 June, 2018

We are currently exploring different herbs that we think can be useful in your daily lives. There is a herb that is receiving a massive amount of attention at the moment and that is CBD Oil.

As you may be aware CBD Oil is derived from the cannabis plant. This helps to explain the level of press it is getting at this time. Like many herbs CBD Oil has not been approved by the MHRA.

The MHRA is the government’s medical regulatory agency. Any herbal product must be recognised by this body before claims can be made about it.

What this means to you is that no one can tell you that this product is good for specific conditions, nor can they suggest to you how much you can take or even if you should take it.

We will highlight potential uses of CBD Oil but we make no recommendation for the product.

If you have read our earlier blogs you will know that herbal preparations are made directly from the plant, and use different parts from leaves, flowers, seeds, rhizomes through to roots. Depending on the herb they can come in tincture, paste, tablets or teas.

The CBD Oil is created using the flowers and not the whole plant. Using the whole plant forms a different product. CBD Oil does not have THC – this is the part of the cannabis plant that induces the famous ‘high’ feeling that so many crave.

Like all herbal preparations quality is essential to produce an effective product. Any good supplier will not be using pesticides, chemical fertilisers, herbicides or other chemicals. You are looking for a pure, quality controlled and consistent product from a supplier you can trust.

A good product will be combined with a fat such as olive oil. The presence of a fat such as olive oil means that the CBD is absorbed into the stomach more easily allowing it to be active within the body rather than flushed straight through.

In terms of production CO2 extraction is the preferred method. The process involves warm air being blown over the flowers until the cannabinoids get released.

What are Cannabinoids?

The cannabinoids are the active ingredients that are associated with positive health benefits. These are the compounds that comprise the whole plant. There are over 60 within the cannabis plant; the two key players are THC and CBD. THC as already stated is associated with the “high” feeling. CBD is associated with relaxation. You will also see terpenes mentioned these substances create the famous aroma associated with cannabis and do also have some possible beneficial actions.

Potential Benefits

Unsubstantiated reports for CBD Oil include:

  • Reduction of anxiety
    • Panic attack
    • Obsessive disorders
    • Depression
  • Anti convulsant properties
    • Epilepsy
  • Anti-inflammatory ability
    • Rheumatism
    • Support for pain and inflammation
  • Relief from nausea
  • Help with diabetes
  • Aid to good heart health

Points to consider

  • What else have you tried to resolve your health problem?
  • Have you established the root cause of your condition? If you haven’t then you may just be masking the real problem
  • If you do choose to try a product go gently take a low dose and monitor how your body reacts.
  • Each body will react to each substance in a different way, what suits your body may not suit another.
  • The choice is yours
  • If you choose to take the product buy from a reputable supplier and understand their production and quality processes

On a final note, controversial products do sometimes become mainstay products over time. We have seen many examples of this within the health industry over the years. What remains to be seen is what the fate of CBD Oil will be.



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