Health Benefits of Vitamin B Complex

07 March, 2018

Last week we introduced you to Vitamin A. The world of nutrition and supplements is a confusing one. There is SO much information how do you know what to believe? We thought it was time to demystify nutrients and guide you through the confusing maze of information. This week we are looking at the B vitamins.

The B vitamins are a group that work together. Individual B vitamins may be suggested for specific uses but they are usually taken in conjunction with a B complex. The reason for this is that these nutrients are inter related in function and so taking one or two rather than the whole complex might disturb your body balance.

B vitamins are water soluble so they are not stored in the body like a fat soluble vitamin. This means we need to replenish them daily.

The group is made up of:

BI – Thiamine

B2 – Riboflavin

B3 – Niacin

B5 – Pantothenic Acid

B6 – Pyridoxine, pyridoxal or pyridoxamine

B12 – Methylcobalamin


Folic acid – Methylfolate


We recommend B vitamins on a regular basis. This is because they are essential to maintain healthy nerves. The body uses B vitamins to support our energy production. This is achieved by converting glucose into energy.

Food Sources

Typically the group will be sourced from liver, brewer’s yeast and whole grains. Please refer to our picture below for more information.

Who needs it?

Anyone who experiences stress will benefit from taking B complex.

Stressed people often struggle with their sleep, B complex is a good support particularly when partnered with Magnesium. Solgar offers a B Complex with a small amount of magnesium which can help.

Women find the B vitamins particularly supportive during their menstrual cycle fluctuations.

Pregnant women need extra folic acid to support their baby’s development.

If you suffer with:

  • immunity issues
  • liver problems
  • vision challenges
  • iron metabolism

Then B vitamins may contribute positively to your health.

How can I get enough?

Eating a healthy balanced diet of organic foods from a variety of different sources is an excellent start. Given that these nutrients are often sourced from either organ meat or wholegrains some diets like vegetarian and gluten free may find it harder to get these precious nutrients from diet alone. As ever, we recommend supplements to address any shortfall.

We offer several different B Complex supplements, Solgar 50 offers each nutrient at 50mg and Solgar 100 provides 100mg of each nutrient.

Natures Aid and Solgar both provide B Complex with Vitamin C.

The individual nutrients and their uses

This is a very brief guide to the nutrients. Each nutrient is worthy of a blog in its own right! Please let us know if you would like that.

BI – Thiamine

Some people find this nutrient is very helpful if you are vulnerable to mosquito bites. Take Viridian’s High One with B complex for two weeks before your holiday and whilst you are away.

B2 – Riboflavin

This is an important nutrient for your skin, hair, nails and eyes.

B3 – Niacin

Maintaining your blood sugar and cholesterol levels is part of Niacin’s role in the body. Like other B vitamins it helps with energy production as well as skin and brain function.

NB please be aware that some people can flush when taking Niacin. There are non-flush versions available.

B5 – Pantothenic Acid

This nutrient is fantastic when you are in a place of extreme stress. I took it when I was moving and I believe it prevented me from losing the plot! Like all nutrients in this group it helps with energy production and hair, skin and nails.

B6 – P5P

This fabulous nutrient is a life saver for many women suffering with PMS and hormonal symptoms. Many women take it once their PMS symptoms kick in and continue until the 5th day of their period.

Look for B6 as pyridoxal phosphate (PLP), also called pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P5P) these are the bioactive versions that are most effective for the body.

Viridian offers a High 6 B Complex so you get the extra B6 with the other B vitamins.

B12 – Methylcobalamin

Vitamin B12 is very much associated with supporting the maintenance of our nervous system.

Different versions of B12:

  • Cyanocobalamin - This is a synthetic version of B12 and there are better versions available.
  • Hydroxocobalamin - This version is formed from bacteria made in food. The body converts it to Methylcobalamin.
  • Adenosylcobalamin - This B12 is used in the body’s citric acid cycle.

Methylcobalamin is our preferred type of B12 because it is most bioavailable and easily absorbed within the body.

Viridian give us extra B12 with the B vitamins in High 12!


This nutrient helps us process fats and supports our skin, hair and nerves.


Folic acid is essential for healthy development of your baby during pregnancy; it also supports our brain and nerve function.

Different versions of Methylfolate:

  • Like B12 methylfolate is the most easily absorbed version of folic acid. Folate is a natural form of B12.
  • Folic acid is the synthetic version of B12 again this will not be easily absorbed by the body. In addition, it has received negative press for its impact on the elderly.

Why take a Supplement?

Sadly, we will repeat this statement throughout this series of blogs. The nutrients in our modern diet do not compare to those of our ancestors. In previous times, our ancestors ate approximately 20 times more beta carotene than we do today.

The ancestral diet was comprised berries, fruits and other vegetables. Today, we eat processed ready meals that can lack the nutrient content our bodies require. In addition, the intensive farming of our land means that nutrients are vastly depleted from the soil. It is going to take a long time to recover this situation. The processing of our food removes yet even more nutrients.

This means we are exposed to nutrient deficiency. We simply do not get the nutrients we need to thrive in this fast paced modern world. Our aim for our customers is that not only do we just survive but achieve as optimal health as possible. In our opinion, it is extremely difficult to achieve this without the help of good quality clean supplements.

We hope you are enjoying this series, as ever we love to hear your comments!




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