Health Benefits of Vitamin C

15 March, 2018

We hope you are enjoying our series on vitamins. The world of nutrition and supplements is a confusing one. There is SO much information how do you know what to believe? We thought it was time to demystify nutrients and guide you through the confusing maze of information. This week we are looking at vitamin C.

Uses of Vitamin C

  • We all know how Vitamin C helps us get through the common cold and general infections.
    • Vitamin C is an immune supporter we all need on our side.
  • It is also a great partner with vitamin B complex. This great duo help stressed people get back into balance.
    • B Vitamins bring down the cortisol levels.
    • Vitamin C manages our adrenaline.
  • Vitamin C defends us against free radical damage.
    • Isn’t it nice to know that you have some defence against all the pollution and chemicals we get exposed to?
  • Suffering with allergies or hay fever? Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine!
    • The immune boost offered by vitamin C can help you stay healthy and less vulnerable to immune invaders like pollen and other allergens.
  • Got a wound? Speed up the healing process with some Vitamin C.
    • This wonderful nutrient supports collagen production which encourages quicker wound healing.

Food Sources

Best food sources broccoli, peppers, watercress, oranges, strawberries, tomatoes and cauliflower.

How can I get enough?

You will know if you have read our blogs how much importance we place on a healthy balanced diet. All the more important please make sure you eat organic fruit and vegetables as often as you can.

Avoid processed and packaged foods. Vitamin C is contained in many fruits so you don’t have to lose any precious nutrients through the cooking process. You can eat raw!

Remember that Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient; this means it needs to be replaced daily. The body does not store water soluble nutrients.

Who needs Vitamin C?

  • Smokers seriously deplete their vitamin C store so should replace it daily.
  • Anyone who doesn’t eat a full range of fruit and vegetables.
  • Stressed people.
  • Anyone who experiences gout should use Cherry C it is particularly effective at addressing these uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Children especially if they don’t eat their fruit and veg. Topping up their vitamin C ensures they get help with the development of bones and teeth.

Types of Vitamin C and its partners

Ester C – some people believe that this version of vitamin C is more bioavailable than the ascorbic acid version. Research has not proved this but it can be a good type if you have a sensitive stomach.

Ascorbic Acid – This is the most common form of the nutrient. Many people use ascorbic acid in their bread making recipes, Check out Doves Farm Gluten Free vitamin C.

This form is alkaline forming and some people choose to take it in quantities up to 3 grams per day. If you choose to do this take it away from food.

NB If you notice any burning sensation stop the supplement and visit your doctor. It is possible you may have a digestive issue such as an ulcer.


These nutrients aid Vitamin C by acting as an antioxidant, speeding up healing, and strengthening capillaries. They are found in berries, rosehip and citrus.

Time Release

The premise of these supplements is that they are released gradually into the system during the day. This means your body gets a boost at regular intervals during the day.


Zinc works with vitamin C to protect us against infections and helps us fight colds by boosting our immune system.

B complex

We have mentioned that when B complex is partnered with vitamin C helps us manage our stress levels.

Why Supplement

Sadly, we will repeat this statement throughout this series of blogs. The nutrients in our modern diet do not compare to those of our ancestors. In previous times, our ancestors ate approximately 10 - 20 times more of all nutrients than we do today.

The ancestral diet was comprised berries, fruits and other vegetables. Today, we eat processed ready meals that lack the nutrient content our bodies need. In addition, the intensive farming of our land means that nutrients are vastly depleted from the soil. It is going to take a long time to recover this situation. The processing of our food removes even more nutrients.

This means we are exposed to a nutrient deficiency. We simply do not get the nutrients we need to thrive in this modern world. It is our aim for our customers that they do not just survive but achieve optimal health. In our opinion, it is extremely difficult to achieve this without the help of supplements.

We hope that you are enjoying this series and we love to hear your comments and questions so let us know!




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