Health Benefits of Zinc

17 May, 2018

We continue our journey through the minerals. There are a number of minerals and we have chosen to feature the most important ones. Zinc is involved in over 600 different enzymes reactions. This demonstrates how important this mineral is, as you will read below it is involved in many of our vital body functions.

Minerals are inorganic substances that are found in rocks and mineral ore. Obviously our bodies cannot produce inorganic substances so it is through diet and supplements that we acquire these important nutrients. Minerals are important partners to vitamins supporting all the vital functions of our bodies.

Minerals like vitamins very often depleted from the body by processing, refining and cooking methods. Only a few nutrients are replaced in the soil which means many nutrients are missing from our food too.

Uses of Zinc

The EFSA accredit zinc as contributing to:

  • Normal function of the immune system
  • The maintenance of normal hair, skin, nails and bones
  • Normal cognitive function
  • Normal fertility and reproduction
  • Normal testosterone levels in the blood
  • The protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • Maintenance of normal vision
  • Normal macronutrient metabolism
  • Normal acid-base metabolism

Best Food Sources of Zinc

Who needs Zinc?

  • Teenagers with acne can use Zinc to rebalance their oil production leading to clearer skin
  • Stressed individuals deplete themselves of most vitamins and minerals and zinc is no exception. Given how many functions this mineral is involved in this is an important depletion to correct
  • Anyone with either a tobacco or alcohol craving can benefit from additional zinc as it helps us to rebalance our bodies and manage cravings
  • Vegetarians, Vegans and anyone eating a restricted diet of any sort can often be short of zinc
  • Zinc is a major support to the immune system so anyone with any immune system issues and particularly those prone to colds are helped with some extra zinc

Signs of Deficiency

  • Regular colds and infections
  • Brittle nails and dry hair
  • Acne
  • Fertility issues
  • Poor sense of taste and smell
  • Poor appetite

How can I get enough Zinc?

As ever the answer is to

  • Eat real food
  • Avoid processed and packaged foods
  • Limit
    • Sugar
    • Alcohol
    • Smoking
    • Too much caffeine
  • Drink plenty of water

On top of these healthy habits it helps to manage your stress levels so that your body is working at its best. Exercise and time for friends, family and hobbies makes for a balanced life and a happy you.

Zinc Partners

For the body to process Zinc effectively it needs a good level of vitamin B6. Other important partners for Zinc are vitamins A and E. You will be aware that vitamin A and E are powerful antioxidants which provide great support to zinc‘s actions against oxidative stress.

Magnesium helps aid Zinc support our immune systems and Calcium enhances Zinc supporting our healthy bones and teeth.

NB Copper levels needs to be regulated because it can inhabit sites that Zinc would use leading to zinc deficiency

Types of Zinc

Citrate- – A quick acting version because it goes straight into the bloodstream.

Chelated – Nutrients are sometimes bound to an amino acid to make them more easily absorbed by the body.

Picolinate - The substance picolinate is an effective carrier of many different nutrients and makes it more accessible to the body.

Gluconate - A salt of gluconic acid made from fermenting glucose.

Bisglycinate - Minerals tend to be easily absorbed and gentle on the body.

Why Supplement?

Sadly, we will repeat this statement throughout this series of blogs. The nutrients in our modern diet do not compare to those of our ancestors. In previous times, our ancestors ate approximately 20 times more nutrients than we do today.

The ancestral diet was comprised berries, fruits and other vegetables. Today, we eat processed ready meals that lack the nutrient content our bodies need. In addition, the intensive farming of our land means that nutrients are vastly depleted from the soil. It is going to take a long time to recover this situation. The processing of our food removes even more nutrients.

This means we are exposed to a nutrient deficiency. We simply do not get the nutrients we need to thrive in this modern world. It is our aim for our customers that they do not just survive but achieve optimal health. In our opinion, it is extremely difficult to achieve this without the help of supplements.




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