Healthy Natural Hair Care

13 July, 2017

Summer creates many challenges for our hair, the sun can bleach and dry it out then the chlorine from swimming adds more damage. We will be washing our hair more and then of course styling after washing. Given these factors it is no wonder our hair suffers in summer.

Right now is your crowning glory shining through? Or do you want to fade away into the background? Our hair is an important part of our identity; it is so visible and helps us define our style and personality.

Hair like skin or any other part of the body responds positively to natural care. The chemicals and additives that are commonplace in commercial products often have a very negative impact on our hair and skin.

As ever we advocate an inside out approach – start with a healthy diet to give your hair the best chance and make sure you include omega 3 oils. If you don’t eat fish we have plenty of good supplements

Lifestyle issues such as stress and medications can affect hair quality as can our hair regimes. Think about what you subject your hair to each day. Are you washing it every day, using a hairdryer and then straighteners or curlers? How many products do you put onto it? Are you working or living in a polluted environment, are you colouring your hair regularly? All these factors will weaken your hair.

There are some good habits you can practice

Regular scalp massages are not only pleasurable and relaxing but they help to stimulate circulation. If you do use commercial products then rinse your hair with some apple cider vinegar, this helps to remove any residues from the products.

Make sure that you condition your hair every time you wash it and give it a boost with an intensive treatment once or twice a week depending on hair condition and how often you wash your hair. My personal favourite intensive treatment is coconut oil left on my hair ideally overnight and then washed out the next morning. It leaves my hair soft and silky. Well worth the effort!

It may be an old wives tale but 100 brush strokes a day helps keep your hair in great condition. Finding the hairdresser that understands s your hair is the other sensible thing to do. Have your hair cut regularly. As I have found not doing so leads to uncontrollable hair and a crazed woman look – not one many of us aspire to.

Use hair skin and nail supplements check out our range we have plenty to choose from! Products should include nutrients like Biotin. B5 is another addition it relieves stress and seems to hold back the grey! Vitamins A and E help improve blood circulation and the production of sebum which helps prevent dry hair.

Other suggestions include Aloe Vera which is a terrific product for dry hair because its high water content really helps hydration levels. Plant oils like jojoba offer moisture and shine to your lovely locks.

We have some great shampoos, conditioners, masks and colours take a look at the website.

The advantage of these products is that they don’t have SLS or alcohol, both of which strip hair of its vital protection and dry it out. DEA is added to generate foam but can be a challenge to hormones.

Please also remember that poor hair can also indicate illness such as hormonal problems like an under-active thyroid if you have any concerns visit your doctor and have a check-up.




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