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19 July, 2017

Finally your long overdue holiday is almost here. You are probably tired, eager to try new foods, get away from your normal routine and just relax.

Most of us will escape to a hotter climate and we need to take care of our health in order to enjoy our holiday. First and foremost hydration is vital; nothing spoils a holiday more than feeling ill from dehydration. Always drink bottled water if there is any doubt about the quality of the water.

We have covered skin care in our blog.

Have you got your medical insurance and your E111 for Europe? Are you prepared for the environment you will be in? Mosquito habitats can make a holiday a living misery. If you are a favourite target for the biters then start eating garlic or marmite before you go and eat lots while you are away. Doing this makes you smell and taste less appealing! Just make sure your partner does the same!!

Sensitive tummy? Have your favoured remedies with you and be aware of where you are buying food from. Suggestions we would make include a good probiotic, aloe vera juice to sooth an upset tummy or peppermint oil for pain and wind.

What about a sleep solution? Frequently, it takes us a while to wind down so the first few nights might be sleep challenged unless you pack something to help you out. Check out our blog on sleep for advice and product suggestions.

It is very tempting to abandon all of your usual eating and exercise routines. The healthy approach is to keep breakfast and lunch as close to normal as possible and then enjoy a treat in the evening.

I went on a luxurious cruise a few years ago; I ate normally at breakfast and lunch. My evening meal was treat time; I did this for two weeks and didn’t put on any weight. Those around me ‘went for it’ with cooked breakfasts and three course lunches needless to say some came back 1 – 1.5 stone heavier!!

Exercise and holiday in the same sentence often seems incompatible for many of us. If you do feel you want to indulge just consider the exercise your counterbalance against the treats.

A nice swim on a hot day is hardly arduous…Alternatively, an evening stroll before the cocktails just keeps the muscles moving and burns some of those extra calories. Hiring a bike and cycling around is a great way of exercising and it’s environmentally friendly too!

For me, as much as I would like to stop exercise for the holiday I know that I will pay the price when I return, even in a fortnight you can lose momentum and then find it hard to return to your normal routine.

Are you going on a family holiday? Children find the travel quite boring and often need to be entertained. Ensuring you have good distractions for the kids means you can start your holiday in a relaxed manner. Containing bored kids without toys or games is a nightmare and puts your stress levels right up.

Suggestions for the kids entertainment include tablets, puzzle or colouring books, games of I Spy and of course healthy rather than sugar laden treats to prevent them going hyper.

Speaking of kids if you don’t want to get pregnant then make sure you pack some condoms even if you use the pill. Remember you could get a tummy bug which affects the efficacy of the pill.

It goes without saying that condoms should be used by anyone contemplating sex with someone new. Your holiday and more could be ruined by a STD.

In-flight drinks can be a way of getting through the flight if you are nervous or bored but remember the impact of dehydration is exaggerated in the air. Limit the alcohol or balance it with some water.

In-flight food can be less than appealing so why not take some healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds and dried fruit with you.

Ginger sweets or Bach rescue pastilles are good for something to suck during take-off or landing. Ginger sweets will help with any potential nausea too. If sickness could be an issue make sure you have your acupressure bands or favourite homeopathic remedy with you.

Long haul flights lead to jet lag so pack the Arnica pills to help you get through that. A sleep mask is a great help too and perhaps some earplugs and even a neck cushion.

Frightened of flying? Arg Nit is the remedy for you. Take each time your fear or anxiety about your journey arises. Some of my patients start the day before, then on the morning of the travel, at the airport. As they get on the plane or boat etc. and at each point where their concern rises.

Have a wonderful holiday!





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