Herbs for Brain Health and Memory

06 September, 2018

Herbs are so much part of our everyday lives we probably don’t realise how much we use them. Equally, we don’t realise how much they can help us so we wanted to give you more information on these valuable plants.

Herbal medicine is ancient wisdom that has been used throughout the world over centuries. Herbal preparations are made directly from the plant, and use different parts from leaves, flowers, seeds, rhizomes through to roots. Depending on the herb they can come in tincture, paste, tablets or teas.

Our everyday use of herbs includes

  • Cooking
  • Medicine
  • Disinfectant
  • Perfume

Like all medicine herbs do require specialist knowledge to ensure they are used correctly. We are providing you with an overview of the more commonly known herbs. Our blog will identify the traditional associations relating to each herb. EFSA do not issue any supported claims for herbs.

The MHRA is the government’s medical regulatory agency. Any herbal product must be recognised by this body before claims can be made about it.

What this means to you is that no one can tell you that this product is good for specific conditions, nor can they suggest to you how much you can take or even if you should take it.

As we work back into our normal routines and await the approach of winter we may find ourselves feeling drained and tired. This summer gave us such a boost of vitamin D we are already feeling its loss from our lives.

The return to work and school routines can leave us feeling depleted and lacking in energy. We thought it was a good idea to talk about a fabulous herb that can aid our energy levels and give us a much needed boost.

Siberian Ginseng and energy

Most people will readily associate ginseng with energy but it is confusing due to the variety of ginseng available. Siberian Ginseng is considered to be a gentler herb than some of its counterparts. It holds a strong traditional history going back up to 4000 years ago. It is a cornerstone of Chinese herbal medicine and has been used and researched extensively in Russia where it is grown.

Ginseng is linked to providing energy as well as many other potential health benefits. There is a plethora of positive associations for ginseng but today we are focusing on its energy giving properties.

When do we need Ginseng?

Typically, ginseng will be helpful when we experience ongoing stress. Stress can be caused by a variety of factors:

  • Physical stressors can be
    • Exercise – particularly at an athletic level
    • Variations in temperature – extremes of hot and cold
    • Exposure to toxic substances
    • Viruses or infections
    • Disease
    • Physical trauma from an accident
  • Emotional stressors can be
    • Work
    • Family and relationships
    • Emotional trauma from an accident/situation
    • A specific situation such as divorce, money concerns or bereavement

Normally, we encounter some stress and we deal with it. It is when we find ourselves unable to deal with the stress that our bodies go into overdrive. It is the “fight or flight” response that kicks in.

This response creates more cortisol – the stress hormone which in turn affects the balance of our endocrine system in particular our thyroid and adrenal levels. As the response continues all resources are sent to address the imbalances. This means the digestive system is slowed right down and blood pressure is elevated. If the body cannot find its natural balance and these circumstances continue we reach burnout. This shows itself as total exhaustion, mental and physical fatigue.

Ginseng – an adaptogen

The term adaptogen has been in use for some time now. It refers to those special herbs that support the body while it adjusts to the many stressors our body may become subject to.

I have used ginseng in crisis mode. I was working so hard, travelling a great deal there was a lot going on in my life both professionally and personally. I reached exhaustion point. My problem was I had to work another two weeks before I could take a rest. At that point I simply did not know how to put one foot in front of the other. I met an excellent herbalist who handed me a tub of Siberian ginseng and was told two a day will sort you out. It did! I got through the next two weeks with energy to spare and had a great holiday rather than flopping in a corner!

I have recognised that I need to manage my stress levels on a regular basis rather than get to crisis mode so now I use Siberian ginseng as part of my daily regime.

How can I get ginseng into my diet?

  • A.Vogel Ginsavena a great formula providing both ginseng and avena sativa (oats) which works to help you balance your energy and rest. Busy people who do too much rush around all day and then find it hard to sleep. This lovely product addresses both aspects leaving you to manage your day in a healthier manner.

I have recommended avena sativa for years as an amazing sleep aid. It has helped so many people to find the calm they need to switch off and have a greats nights sleep.

How can I help myself?

Understanding how you respond to stress is a major help. If you do get stressed then

  • A good diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Time for fun
  • Relaxation through meditation, massage, deep breathing etc.
  • Maintaining a good work life

Will help to ensure you stay in a stress free place and feel healthier too!

We hope you have found this blog helpful and would love to hear your comments.







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