Homeopathy Awareness Week – Homeopathic First Aid Remedies

11 April, 2017

Homeopathy Awareness Week – Homeopathic First Aid Remedies



I have listed some of the key first aid remedies to help you start your own first aid kit at home.


Use at the first hint of a cold – four a day and you just might stop it. Excellent for shock and fear


Bites and stings remedy, patient has redness, burning pain, and watery swelling. Can be very irritable


No 1 for bruises, good for pain and jetlag.  Very good for trauma and giveaway is that the patient will say they are OK when clearly they are not


No 1 for high fever. Patient is very hot and red; symptoms come on quickly and intensely. Patient may crave lemonade. Eyes are glassy pupils dilated. Can be delirious


Excellent remedy for teething babies. There is just no pleasing them whatever you give them is wrong. They have one hot cheek and one pale cheek.


A good flu remedy slow onset Patient is prostrate, dull and drowsy. Shivers up and down the spine, general heaviness and lethargy


No 1 remedy for grief / bereavement / disappointment. Patient may sigh a lot or have the sensation of a lump in the throat. Mood will be changeable


A good remedy for overindulgence be it food or alcohol or both….Patient will be irritable and oversensitive. Often chilly people they work hard and play hard surviving on stimulants like coffee, sugar or alcohol to keep them going


Everything is changeable from mood to symptoms. The patient is very sensitive. They love fresh air and hate stuffy rooms. Discharges are typically yellow /green or white. Good for colds, earache and hay fever.


A remedy for muscles that are stiff on first movement but ease with movement.  Can be quite restless


Often used with Rhus Tox and maybe Arnica. A remedy for the pain around joints and tendon tissue. Typically required after overuse of an affected part i.e. eye strain or tennis elbow



Homeopathic remedies should be taken only when symptoms are present. There is not a prescribed number to take in a day the key is responding to symptoms. Typically after taking a remedy symptoms will improve and you repeat as the symptoms return.

Remedies should be taken away from food and drink and placed under the tongue to melt if possible; this allows the remedy to get to nerve endings quickly and therefore, react quickly. If the remedy is chewed or swallowed this is fine.

This is the briefest of outlines simply to give a flavour of the remedy if in any doubt please contact me.




These are first aid remedies if you need more comprehensive help then a consultation would be necessary.


The advantage a Homeopath has is the time we can give our patients. Typically my first appointment with a patient can take up to one and half hours.

This is a quote from one of my patients:

“You allow me time to talk about what is affecting me, I feel listened to, and I feel you understand me. You are caring and not judgemental, I know I can tell you anything, it’s good being able to talk to someone who is not connected to my life it helps me get perspective. By sharing how I feel you then give me a remedy that helps me.”


During a consultation I need to get to know you and the things that are affecting your health. We may talk about

  • lifestyle
  • relationships
  • diet
  • family history

Anything else that is relevant to your health

Your body is communicating with you all the time but do you listen?

Do you recognise that headache or the allergy that appears as a sign something is not right? Or do you dismiss it by saying “Oh I have spent too much time on the computer today” or “I used the wrong product on my skin”. Either reason could be right but they may not be. The headache could be a sign of tension and stress caused by any number of factors. The allergy could be simply dehydration, your inherent weakness or your body expressing irritation at something in your life.

By listening to you I can help you understand what your body is trying to tell you.


I feel very privileged to be a Homeopath.  I chose to be a Homeopath because I wanted to help people to feel healthier and happier!


If you would like to know more please contact me:


Mobile 07968 285127


I will respond as soon as I can but please bear in mind I may be in an appointment with a patient.



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