Homeopathy Awareness Week – using homeopathic remedies

11 April, 2017

Homeopathy Awareness Week – using homeopathic remedies


Hello I hope your weekend was good? Such fantastic weather! Weren’t we lucky!


If you have read my introduction you will know I am a Homeopath. This week it is Homeopathy Awareness Week. Please look at the following links, they will give you so much information.

I hope they will encourage you to try Homeopathy for yourself and your family.




For those of you who don’t know Homeopathy; it is a Holistic approach to healthcare.

The beauty of Homeopathy for me is that it treats the whole person taking into account all those specific symptoms that make you the person you are.

In other words, you are an individual not just a collection of symptoms. Those symptoms are considered as a whole rather than separately. Homeopaths treat the body as a whole.


In what ways can Homeopathy be used?

Homeopathy is great for the first aid situation. Who hasn’t used or at least heard of Arnica?? This is a fabulous remedy for bruising, pain, shock and trauma. If you suffer with jetlag it can really help.

Acute conditions such as teething respond brilliantly to Homeopathy. When I worked in a Homeopathic Pharmacy I prescribed lots of Chamomilla to teething grumpy babies. It was lovely to see them return opening their mouths waiting for the crystals that would make them feel better!

Aconite is another wonderful remedy. If you can catch the very first signs of a cold you may stop it in its tracks by taking four Aconite in the first day.

Ongoing health issues or those tricky ones that you just can’t get sorted often respond very well to Homeopathy.

Hay fever is a classic; the breadth of symptoms people can experience is huge; as is the number of homeopathic hay fever remedies.

Hormones, Stress, Anxiety Fear, Allergies, Sleep, Eczema, Asthma the list goes on….are all common issues that I have dealt with in my practice. Selecting the right remedy can take more time with these conditions and this is when a consultation is appropriate.

See my next blog on what happens in a consultation


So how does Homeopathy work?

In simple terms we consider the totality of the patient (all the symptoms) and we identify the substance that will create symptoms most similar to those of the patient. We use this substance in a minimum dose to stimulate the body’s own healing processes.

The minimum dose means just that; so once the symptoms have gone stop the remedy. Repeat only if symptoms return.

Each person will express an illness according to their individual make up, this means that although several people could have the same condition they may receive different treatment because their body expresses the illness differently.

People often ask about using Homeopathy alongside treatment from the Doctor. I always recommend that you maintain your relationship with your Doctor. I have found that Homeopathy works successfully alongside conventional treatment.

This means you don’t have to make a decision to be Complementary or Alternative; some people do but that is their choice.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on


Mobile 07968 285127


I will respond as soon as I can but please bear in mind I may be in an appointment with a patient.



If the remedy you want is not on the website we can order it for you, just let us know!

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