Insect Bites and Stings

08 June, 2017

 We know the value of our insects and pollinators to our environment. They are integral to the fruit and flower pollination processes. Our world would be a much less vital place without insects and pollinators.

However, for the majority of us we are at best a little twitchy when the wasps or bees fly near us and at worst we are terrified by them. If you have an anaphylactic reaction your fear is justified

Whatever our view insects and pollinators are here to stay – we hope! So how do we live with them and reduce the likelihood of bites and stings?

We can use deterrent tactics such as an insect repellent, a room spray or by eating different foods.


If you read our blog on Aromatherapy you may be thinking can I use essential oils to my benefit?  Yes you can!

Make up an oil blend using lavender and apply this to your body. This acts as a deterrent. Use 1 drop of lavender to 1ml of oil

Valerie Ann Wormwood in her book The Fragrant Pharmacy recommends this blend

Thyme 4 drops

Lemongrass 8 drops

Lavender 4 drops

Peppermint 4 drops

I would use this in a 20 ml mixture of water for a room spray or in body oil. This blend is one drop of oil per ml of water or oil so just increase proportionally. It is better to have a larger amount already prepared.


In mosquito areas always make sure you protect the sensitive areas of your body like your ankles.

Another option is to eat marmite (or other yeast extracts like Natex, Meridian or Essential), like some of us the insects hate it so it is a good deterrent. The reason is the B vitamin content so if you can’t stand marmite come in and get some B vitamins instead. The best one will have a high B1 content.

If you are very sensitive you may have to go the whole hog and eat garlic until it comes out of your ears, your mouth, and all of the other orifices! I did a sailing trip in Greece and being very susceptible to mosiquto bites I decided to give the garlic idea a go. I ate tzatziki every day, I stank of garlic, I breathed it out, I sweated it out, you get the picture…BUT I was the only one of 6 not to get bitten at all.

If you do get bitten:

  • Be careful to remove all of the sting
  • Wash daily with an antibacterial wash – Lemon Myrtle or tea tree would be great
  • Treat the bite
    • Lavender is a good all round treatment
    • Bee stings can be helped with chamomile
    • Wasp stings use cider vinegar, lavender and chamomile
    • Ticks can be treated with lavender
    • Ledum is a homeopathic remedy that helps most bites and stings. It relieves the stinging pains where the sting is better for cold and yet feels cold. It is good for any puncture wound
    • Apis is a homeopathic remedy for the swollen , hot wounds where they are worse for heat and better for cold applications
    • Urtica Urens is useful where the pain is prickling and feels better for rubbing. This could be used for a jellyfish sting
    • Alternatively, you could use Zap It! For mosquito bites just click and it removes the pain link to zap it
    • There are times when only the local preparations will do. The midges in Scotland are tough customers and the only solution I found that helped was a local one.


We will close with a shout out for the insects and pollinators. It is ‘Don’t step on a Bee day’ on the 10th June. Please honour this and think about all the good work they do. They are under siege from all the chemicals and loss of habitat and we need them in our world. Where would you be (forgive the pun!) without honey products…

Honey in your Greek yogurt

Honey in your baking and sauces

Honey just because you can

Manuka Honey has amazing immune boosting properties and is good for colds link to Manuka honey


Propolis products are very popular and with good reason. It is a traditionally used ingredient that helps support our immune system. We use it in

Cold Sore Creams


Skin Care products

Our breakfast as granules


We hope you found this both interesting and useful, let us know!






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