Krill Oil might be exactly what your body needs…
03 November, 2015



You will have heard of the health benefits of fish oil but what about krill? They’re small crustaceans that live deep in the ocean that just so happen to be a great source of Omega-3 fats DHA and EPA, just what a western diet often lacks. Omega-3 fatty acids are incredibly important in maintaining a healthy brain and body helping to lower elevated levels of triglycerides (a sciencey word for blood fats). By lowering the level of fat in the blood, krill oil can help curb both physical ailments and cognitive deficiencies.


When DHA and EPA is absorbed into the body from Krill, they give cell membranes flexibility and elasticity. This extra level of resilience encourages healthy joints, hormone production and a strong cardiovascular system, especially useful for those with arthritis, asthma and difficult menstrual cycles. By allowing anti-inflammatories to work more effectively, krill oil can help avoid stiffness in joints and promote a more energised body and mind.


One crucial area where our body particularly needs Omega-3 fatty acids is the brain where DHA and EPA can help maintain neurological pathways. Particularly important for those suffering from developmental disorders like depression, dementia and ADHD by promoting healthy connections in the brain and preventing memory loss linked to ageing. Krill oil can be particularly useful for child brain development to help growing brains develop the pathways they need for the skills to learn efficiently and effectively.



Krill Oil is recommended for anyone with a diet that involves low amounts of Omega-3. This could be diets that involve little fish, nuts or seeds or those suffer indigestion or IBS. Omega-3 supplements are often suggested to those suffering from more serious conditions like heart disease, depression or Alzheimer’s. We would also recommend Krill Oil to anyone that is feeling low in energy and mood.


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