Spring into Spring!

24 March, 2017

Leap into Spring!!

Do you want some extra vitality and energy to enjoy the spring and summer months?

Here are three easy but effective ways to feel healthier

  1. Start your day with some warm water and a healthy squeeze of fresh lemon

Why? You need to rehydrate after a night without water. In addition, warm water flushes out the digestive system. Water is essential for well-being so make sure you keep topping up with water during the day.

  1. Have some Kimchi.

What is Kimchi we hear you ask!

It is a Korean fermented food. It comes in many varieties which change with the seasons. It gives you loads of vegetables, fibre and is low in calories. It is rich in gut enhancing properties and vitamins.

Gut health is essential to well-being. Fermented foods are wonderful for gut health. A winning partnership!

We have a fantastic range made by Plenty 

Fermented foods also offer us a chance to experiment with the fifth taste sensation Umami.

Umami is being described as the fifth taste sensation – It is the savoury element that we don’t get from sweet, salty, sour or bitter. It seems to be that love or hate it marmite thing. Yum Yum!! We love marmite so we love these foods!! – link to fermented foods

Why did we choose Plenty to supply our Kimchi?

It ticks all our boxes and some!

The company is a local community enterprise.

They collect surplus product from the local wholesale market and use this to create their products.

Other sources of food are local growers or even foraged produce

Check out their website for more information link to website

We love to support local initiatives like this and we know you do too!

  1. You have given your body a good start. Now to your mind.

Start with some deep breaths to relax yourself.

We love the waterfall breath.

Inhale deeply

Imagine you are flowing down a three tier waterfall

As you reach each tier release one third of your breath

By the time you finish the third exhale you are empty

Inhale deeply and repeat this process ten times

You will be SO chilled!

Then think about your day and set your intention for the day.

Visualise the happy and productive day you will have

We believe health should be simple and easy.

Try these first three steps and let us know what you think

Come and see us in person, on Facebook, or tweet us. Let us know how your day is going.

We love to hear your views and opinions. Share your recipes with us.

Have a great day!




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