Love Potions
01 February, 2013

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our resident Herbalist Jane has devised our very own “Love Massage Oil” – while it might not make random people fall in love with you, it’ll definitely spice up your Valentine’s Day celebrations and make the perfect gift for anyone who likes aromatherapy or massage! Made with a base of sweet almond oil, this blend includes coconut oil and essential oils of Patchouli, Bergamot, Jasmine and Lavender – tailor made to offer the most romantic scent possible! Below are some words from Jane on how to massage effectively:

Massage with fragrant essential oils is one of the oldest forms of therapy and they can be blended to keep the skin soft, relax the mind and body or used for pure sensual pleasure. Touch is the language of the body-mind and the simplest, most direct form of communication available to all. Between lovers, massage is the most beautiful form of exchange, of giving and receiving without demand and harmonising male and female energies. The divine fragrances of essential oils are a treat for body, mind and soul.

For best results make sure the room is warm and comfortable with low lighting such as candles.   Prepare some towels for the person receiving the massage to lie on and one to partially cover them so that they do not get cold. When you are ready, pour some oil into your palms and then begin to rub into the body using smooth movements and an even pressure. Use more oil as it is gradually absorbed by the skin. Imagine you are stroking away any tension and soothing tight muscles and joints. Remove excess oil with a towel.

Also remember that on Valentine’s Day itself we will be offering Triple Points for all our loyalty card holders – in store and online!

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