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14 September, 2017

It is Organic September so we are focused on highlighting the positive effect of choosing organic. It is Organic Saturday this week so we encourage you to discover the organic produce available to you.

We believe that together we can make a difference and improve our environment, health and lifestyles. We think choosing to live organically offer us all a better future.

Organic Food

Last week we talked about the benefits of eating organic food. Food is central to not only an organic life but any life; it is literally our fuel. This makes food choices central to how we live.

There is growing awareness of the impact of various food production methods. We are also learning far more about how our health is affected by our food choices.

How often do you consider how much impact food production has on your life and how it may affect the world your children will grow up in?

Herbicides, Pesticides and other chemicals

Conventional food production demands use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers all of which filter into our water supply as well as our food. Conventionally farmed animals are fed medications and hormones which again end up on our plates and in turn impact our health.

Chemicals are not just part of food production but every part of our lives including household cleaners, cosmetics and the clothes we wear. This week there has been data published that indicates that using disinfectant once a week increases the risk of COPD by 32%.

All of these chemicals affect our health including you and your family.

Healthy Animals and Wildlife

As we explored last week there are other considerations such as animal welfare and wildlife protection. We are losing so many species as a result of chemical use on our farmlands. Organic farms see an increase of up to 50% of native species, isn’t that worth such changes?

Do you want a world with ever decreasing populations of birds, pollinators and other wildlife? Or would you prefer to see native species returning and expanding in numbers providing us with the rich diversity that is part of our heritage in this country?

Disease Prevention

Better health tends to follow on naturally when we take more notice of our diet and eat fresh food every day. Banish ready meals and processed foods and watch your children bloom.  Feed them a diet of processed foods and you may see them experience obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases.

Is a life of health hazards your gift to future generations?


Organic produce of all types is produced by small local producers. This means venturing out to local independent shops, local farms and craft centres. What a fabulous way to meet new like-minded people and become involved in your local community. You may even find yourself a new hobby or skill

A happier and healthier way of life

We seem to be looking for new ways to do things and we appear to want change as a society. Isn’t choosing organic produce one of the most positive changes we can make?

By its very nature an organic lifestyle is a considered and slower approach to life. Does that seem more appealing than rushing around, being unaware of what is happening around you whilst shovelling in fast food as you speed from place to place? It does to us.

Where to start?

The more awareness we have of our health and we recognise the benefits of healthy lifestyle the easier it becomes to take the next step. For most people we start with one small change and this leads to the next and the next.

Looking back on my journey through health education I can see that it has been a very gradual experience.  I would learn something, experiment to see if it worked for me and assuming it did incorporate it into my life. In reality, my whole health journey has been so gradual that now I look at where I am and I am shocked at how far I have come...

I have changed from a person with no interest in food other than the functional need to fuel my body to someone who has recognised how much food has an impact on our health, lifestyle and environment. I continue to learn each and every day and will evolve with that knowledge

If it interests you to make some moves toward an organic lifestyle then I advocate gradual small changes; this means you and your family make gentle adjustments that work for you.

We hope that this article has given you some inspiration and that you will consider making organic produce a part of your world.




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