Menopause Blog Update
07 July, 2017

 When we write about different subjects we try to give you a base level of information so that you can explore the areas you want to in more detail.

The menopause is a massive subject with book after book written on it and opinion contradicting opinion too! It all makes for a very confusing picture.

SO we are delighted to share with you an initiative that one of our lovely suppliers is running. A. Vogel have introduced a ‘7 days to a better menopause’ programme. Click on the link here to join up and get lots of great information as well as a free sample!

This programme will explain so many things about the menopause that you will feel in control and have a new understanding of your body after just 7 days.

Just to show you its impact here are a couple of quotes from people already on the programme

“I am so pleased that I signed up. I have been really struggling both emotionally and physically and whilst I know that it is still a process I have to go through, I feel you have given me the tools to help myself make it more bearable. I shall keep the plan in my inbox so that I can refer to it again when needed. Thank you so much.”


“If you can feel this better in 7 days its a no brainer to try menopause support for longer”


Let us know what you think!








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