Mens Health Week

14 June, 2017


There was a time when we would have been addressing the women because they were the ones guiding their men to health care.

Happily, men are becoming more aware of the need for self-care these days. We thought we would highlight a few key areas for you.


First and foremost: FOOD

Are you eating a healthy diet? Do you eat fruit and vegetables every day? In an ideal world, you need to be eating around 10 portions a day. Limit your red meat consumption. Eat oily fish several times a week. Make sure you are using healthy oils like extra virgin oil and coconut oil.

Do you have any digestive issues? Are you noticing discomfort after eating certain foods? Check out our blogs on gluten free and dairy free diets

If you do have any gaps in your diet it might be worth considering a supplement. If you don’t like fish for example, there are some great fish oils available in store.



Do you have a good work life balance? Do you spend time with friends and family? What about hobbies do you have things you are passionate about and love to do? Is exercise part of your week?

If you have answered no to any of these then it is time for a lifestyle review. All work and no play can make you a very dull boy. Lack of communication can make you isolated and lonely. Having a passion or a hobby is great for encouraging creativity and helping you think outside the box. Exercise is good for us we need to use our bodies plus it releases feel good endorphins and helps balance out stress level.

Stress will follow if you don’t maintain a good lifestyle balance. If you are already there, make sure you start to deal with it. Make changes, come and talk to us. We can recommend supplements such as B complex and Magnesium to help manage your stress.


Third: SEX

Now we really have your attention…

There are a number of issues you can encounter in this department! Your libido can be affected by stress, medication or underlying health issues. As we have said make lifestyle changes but if you need extra help try Ginkgo Bilbola or Ginseng (both can be found in Sexovit) to lift your energy.

If a lack of interest remains an issue even after changes and supplements. Please go and get it checked out.

Low sperm count can be helped by eating foods containing Zinc such as seeds, whole grain products and herring. Alternatively, take a Zinc supplement. Also increase the fish, egg and nut content of your diet this will provide arginine which is supportive to fertility issues.

Later years find men suffering prostate problems. A troubled prostate is indicated by a variety of urinary issues from changes in flow, difficulty passing urine or controlling urine. You can help yourself be reducing your caffeine and alcohol intake.

In addition, there are a number of prostate products that have helped a number of our clients. Prostasan was very successful in controlling my partner’s prostate issue. Supportive nutrients include saw palmetto, nettle, zinc with copper and lycopene. (Terra Nova Prostate support has a lot of these in)


Joints can become a problem even in younger years particularly if you have been very active on the sports field. Glucosamine strengthens cartilage. Fish oils help lubricate joints. Inflamed joints can be really helped by Turmeric. Read our blog on inflammation for more information.

For easing of pain consider Arnica gel or glucosamine patches. Tiger Balm provides a warm and soothing heat to your aches and pains. Rhus tox helps stiff muscles and Ruta helps with tendon issues.


Everyone can suffer eye problems particularly with the amount of time we spend attached to our computers now! Try doing some eye exercises

Imagine you are looking at a clock and without moving your head follow the clock from 12 through each of the numbers back to 12. Hold your eyes for a few moments at each number. Now do this anti clockwise.

Next still facing ahead take your eyes to the top left hand corner of the room, hold, then go to the bottom right hand corner of the room, hold, then go to the top right hand corner of the room hold and then the bottom left hand corner of the room and hold. Do these at least once a day or more often if you can.

The eyes demand a lot of nutrients given they are one of the smallest organs in the body. A good antioxidant will be very supportive and make sure any supplement you take has lutein in it.






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