21 March, 2017


Mothers in their many forms have been celebrated throughout the generations in many cultures.  Women are the cornerstone of family life and deserve a day to be acknowledged for their contribution to our lives.

At Shipley Health Store we love our Mums. We love to hear your stories too. We invite you to tell us what makes your Mum the BEST Mum and why she should be the winner of our Mother’s Day hamper.

Tell us why she deserves the lovely treats we have put together:

We have included

Kimchi so she can look after her gut health

CoYo yogurt  and some local fruit for a delicious start to her day

A delicious tea for her to savour during the day

Some lovely skin cream to keep that skin feeling soft

A voucher for a scrummy Indian lunch

The chocolates that you know she just won’t be able to resist

An essential oil to fragrance her home with a beautiful scent

We want to share and celebrate your Mums because they are the stars of the show.  We would all be lost without them so send us your photos and stories. Share with the world how fabulous your Mum is.

Perhaps she is an amazing cook and you want to show off her fabulous recipes

Does she do something special within the community?

Has she been through some really difficult life challenges and come out smiling the other end?

We can’t wait to hear it all

We will select a winner on Saturday, she that you can give her this wonderful gift on Sunday

Just in case you are wondering when this all started

Our current Mother’s Day seems to be a combination of Mothering Sunday and the American Mother’s Day. Mothering Sunday was instigated on the 4th Sunday of lent and encouraged people to return to the “Mother Church”.

In 1914 the Americans officially declared Mother’s Day as a way of celebrating women’s contribution to society. This was thanks to Anna Reeves Jarvis who founded a movement of work clubs to help educate women in childcare issues. Her daughter took up the mantle and got the official day recognised to acknowledge the sacrifices Mothers made for their children



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