Natural, Aluminium Free Deodorants are Best

24 August, 2017

We want to share our thoughts on natural deodorants with you and demonstrate why they are better for you.

You will know that we take a natural approach to all aspects of our health. We believe what you put into your body or on your body can significantly impact your health.

Body odour is a sensitive issue on two counts

  • none of us want to be smelly
  • some deodorants are not so great for the body

Why use a natural deodorant?

There is a reason natural deodorants have become so popular; the products in conventional products are not good for us. Deodorants contain aluminium; this is an ingredient that is associated with liver toxicity, breast cancer and alheizmers disease. All things we want to avoid in our lives.

Why does Aluminium have this association? The aluminium salts actually stop us from sweating. Initially, you might think great! No sweaty armpits for me! Stop… think about it. If your sweat ducts are closed so the perspiration cannot escape where is it going to go? It isn’t going to dissolve it will need a route out of your body. That may well be your liver…

Our livers have enough toxicity to deal with through stress, pollution and other chemicals that are part of our lives. The body can get put under enormous strain trying to manage all of these toxins. Why not give it a helping hand by not adding to its burden?

It is not just aluminium in deodorants; there are other  “goodies” too

Fragrance – mostly synthetic and made from all sorts of chemicals

Triclosan – this is being associated with the production of antibiotic resistant bacteria

Parabens -– these are used to prevent growth of bacteria, mould and yeast. These products have been associated with carcinogenic effects.

Other ingredients may be added but we think this gives you the idea.

What are the best natural deodorants?

Like any product we use on our bodies personal choice always comes into play. Personally, I like the crystal deodorants. These products still have aluminium salts but in this case the molecules are too big to be absorbed by the body. They prevent bacteria from forming but don’t clog up your body.

There are a number of products made from essential oils and botanical extracts which are great too. I like to have a change every now and then and will swap to a different product.

This brings me on to the frequent question:

Do natural deodorants work?

Yes is my answer I have been using them for years and have found them to be extremely effective. There can be a crossover phase when you change from an aluminium based product to a natural one. In my view, during that time your body is releasing the toxins blocked in your body and so you have a bit of a detox which can smell. This doesn’t last too long.

We work with some lovely companies who produce a great range of natural deodorants. You will see that every option is covered.

Just take a look at our link here






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