New Era Tissue Salts

11 February, 2013

Unfortunately after a long period of making the finest homeopathic remedies New Era has stopped making their great Tissue Salts, widely thought to be effective remedies for many minor ailments, however if you come in for a consultation at Shipley Health Store we can still source you with alternative homeopathic medicines with the same active ingredients.

Alternatively telephone 01274 80 90 79 and we will be happy to take payment over the telephone for next day dispatch in the post.

The original New Era Remedies:

No.1 – Calcium Fluoride: maintains healthy tissue and teeth enamel.

No.2 – Calcium Phosphate: good for indigestion, teething problems and chilblains.

No.3 – Calcium Sulphate: anti-acne helps skin heal and sore lips.

No.4 – Ferric Phosphate: good for minor respiratory disorders, coughs, colds, chills, fevers and chesty coughs.

No.5 – Potassium Chloride: also good for coughs and colds.

No.6 – Potassium Phosphate: a mild anxiolytic, helps keep your nerves under control, helps with headaches or indigestion related to nervousness.

No.7 – Potassium Sulphate: helps maintain good skin condition, brittle nails and catarrh.

No.8 – Magnesium Phosphoricum: good for cramps, flatulence and minor gastric pains.

No.9 – Sodium Chloride: good for colds with a lot of tears or running noses, good to help regain lost senses of smell and taste.

No.10 – Sodium Phosphate: great acid neutraliser, good for gastric indigestion, heartburn and Rheumatic pains.

No.11 – Sodium Sulphate: helps maintain the balance of water in the body, good to help queasiness and other forms of digestive discomfort as well as flu symptoms.

No.12 – Silicic Oxide: great conditioner and cleanser, helps clear pimples and spots as well as strengthening brittle nails.

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