Revitalise, Restore and Colour your Hair
04 February, 2013

If your hair is starting to go grey or is starting to lose its sheen, you might have looked into different hair dyes and colourants – but look no further! Naturtint’s range is made from natural ingredients which work to restore lost vitality, shine and colour; and they’re now in stock at Shipley Health Store, available in store and online!

Naturtint is a special brand in hair care celebrating “the union between science and nature.” It’s the first range of permanent hair colourants to contain no ammonia, paraffin, formaldehyde derivatives or other ingredients which are known to damage your hair. The dyes which are used are very effective, providing 100% grey coverage from the first application which can last for up to 5 weeks!

In addition to not damaging your hair, Naturtint also works to strengthen, protect and regenerate hair fibres – undoing the damage that other, less gentle, hair treatments can cause. The wheat peptides contained in these products help to bring back a “young” look for your hair and breakage can be reduced by up to 80%!

Naturtint provides full guidelines on how to use their products, pictures to show how the dyes change your hair’s shading, as well as a colour wheel (a la paint!) to help you choose the right dye for you.

It’s always important to follow the instructions on the packet carefully – it may contain no ammonia, but it is still possible to have a negative reaction to Naturtint’s hair dyes, so always remember be careful when trying a new product!

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