Salt Awareness Week

05 April, 2017


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Salt Awareness Week


Oops!! We were so excited about our Mother’s Day competition we forgot to talk about Salt Awareness week.

Apologies for being a bit late. Here is our rundown on salt.

As ever we want to give you ideas and thoughts for you to explore.

Firstly, check out our blog on Tissue Salts. These salts are vital to our well-being and cannot be produced by the body. 

Everyone is aware of the bad press salt gets the relationship to blood pressure and heart problems. You already know all that.

We want to encourage you to think about both sides of the subject

Salt does have positive contributions to make

It enhances taste for us

It is an excellent mouthwash when we have a problem

It helps maintain our electrolyte and trace mineral balance

Not all bad news then…

Where the questions are raised is the amount we consume and the type of salt we consume

The World Health Organisation recommends 5g per day.

Why not measure your salt consumption for a day and see how you do?

Salt is added to the obvious food like ready meals, processed foods, soups and sauces. BUT … did you consider the breads, cereals and even sweet products?

The hidden salt we are not aware of can really add up.

What is the right level to look for on a packet?

1.5 grams per 100 gram or 0.6 gram sodium is considered HIGH

0.3 grams per 100 gram or 0.1 gram sodium is considered LOW


As ever there are salts and there are salts. Refined salts will include more additives and have less health benefits.

Himalayan pink salt gives you a much different story

It offers you approximately 80 trace minerals and is very pure. It comes from the Himalayas – look out for the World Diet blog this week and more healthy ideas from Pakistan!!

There are always two sides to every story. Salt does need to be monitored in your diet but there are good alternatives for flavour...

Check out our lovely fresh herbs in store. We have a fantastic range of herbs that are produced in small quantities by a wonderful company in Cornwall. When you open a pot WOW! You can just smell the freshness and the flavour! 

Chilli, lemon, garlic and ginger can all make scrumptious sauces and enhance a dish to another level. Give it a go … We dare you…and when you do let us know the recipes you have improved. 

We are what we eat so please be aware of what you are eating. Come in and chat with us for more ideas and products to try.


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