Slimming and Trimming

22 February, 2013

Everyone knows the country is facing an obesity crisis – and if you’re facing an obesity crisis of your very own, we’re here to help! It can be hard to navigate the sea of products promising quick solutions and wonder treatments for losing fat, so here is our guide to the ones which many people have found helpful.

Raspberry Ketone is the latest dieting solution designed to help you drop a belt size, look beautiful and feel great with the least effort and most reward! Raspberry Ketones are the compounds which give raspberries their smell but have also been shown to help your body burn off fat and regulate fat-burning hormones. They have gained a lot of attention having recently been featured on the popular Dr. Oz Show, Raspberry Ketones are thought to help release the protein Adiponectin, higher levels of which decrease the amount of visceral adipose (fat cells). Raspberry Ketones also help modulate “norepinephrine-induced lipolysis” – norepinephrine is one of the principle neurotransmitters in the brain and is involved in the breakdown of fat (lipolysis). When used as part of a balanced diet, Raspberry Ketones are a great way to perfect your slimming regime and get thinner quicker.

Two products from A. Vogel – one of our favourite suppliers of quality herbal medicines for holistic health – are particularly beneficial for helping induce weight loss. The Helix Slim slimming drops contain Helianthus tuberosus (Jerusalem Artichoke) are their favourite remedy to high fat levels, however the Kelp Tablets are an excellent adjunct therapy – Kelp contains iodine and helps maintain a healthy thyroid gland, an important measure to help maintain a healthy weight.

Extracts from Green Coffee have also been advocated by our friends on The Dr Oz Show, and studies conducted by their medical team as well as French and Norwegian researchers have shown that various caffeine-free extracts of this plant can help people lose weight without any significant changes to their diet. The effects of Coffee on weight loss go beyond the stimulant caffeine, instead relying on a variety of other compounds including chlorogenic acid, quinides, lignans, and trigonelline which have all been shown to improve metabolism.

Another metabolism-boosting foodstuff is Cocout Oil, it has been suggested in scientific studies that helps boost your metabolism and burn off excess energy before it can be stored as fat.

Finally, the use of a good herbal tea will not go awry – three teas we stock which will help with weight loss include Dr Stuarts’s Slim Plus and Heath and Heather’s Slim-Maté. Both teas contain fennel but apart from that are formulated completely differently – but both have been made specifically to promote slimming.

Oolong tea is also a popular adjunct for weight-loss, while green tea has often been promoted as a slimming aid Oolong tea lies somewhere between black and green tea and has been shown to be up to 157% more effective then the latter. Consumption of carbohydrates increases your insulin levels and drinking Oolong tea beforehand helps counter this rise, preventing the rising insulin levels and improving your metabolism.

If in doubt, come into the store for advice from our professional staff who can offer helpful tips and more specific guidance for those who want or need it!

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