Spice Up Your Life

27 February, 2013

We’re passionate about our food here at Shipley Health Store – and what way to make your meals even more delicious than popping in some special spices? We’ve searched long and hard to find the perfect spices to complement your dishes and we think we’ve found them – with a little help from Crazy Jack!

The company behind Crazy Jack, Community Foods, has been around since the 1970s – born out of a group of friends with hippy ideals they have grown to offer a full range of exciting spices grown without the help of the nasty petrochemical companies (a bunch of people who we know are desperate to put any chemicals that’ll increase yield no matter what damage they could be doing to us). So if you do want some spice, but no pesticides or herbicides messing with your dishes then Crazy Jack is for you! All these spices are now available in store (they’re not all on “the system” yet but give us a ring if you can’t find it on the website but still want it!).

The Soil Association is the premier mark of quality for any organic foods – every step of the production chain is rigorously inspected to make sure it complies with European Law regarding organic produce, plus an emphasis on fair trading, so you can be sure your spices are completely ethically sourced!

Below is the full list of Crazy Jack spices you can find in store:



Caraway Seed










Mixed Herbs

Mixed Spice

Mustard seed

Nutmeg ground



Black pepper ground





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