Spring into spring blog update
22 August, 2017

The Superfoods programme screened on channel 4 last night (21st august) highlighted the benefits of fermented foods as we did in our blog on 24th march.

In this case, the product being studied was sauerkraut. The programme featured the largest study ever undertaken on sauerkraut. Results so far indicate a very positive outcome.

The researcher ate sauerkraut each day for 3 weeks and saw a 300% increase in her good gut bacteria. Contrary to her expectation she saw no increase in wind – in fact, quite the reverse she has far less wind.

If you suffer IBS, wind, bloating and constipation sauerkraut could be a big help to you! There are other fermented foods such as Kimchi, a Korean food that is proving very popular with our customers.




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