Statutory Regulation of Herbal Practitioners
26 March, 2013
On Wednesday, April 17th I will be taking part in a mass lobby at the Houses of Parliament, to urge the Coalition Government to deliver its promise to implement statutory regulation of Herbal Practitioners.  I will also be meeting with Mr Philip Davies MP to outline the need to support statutory regulation and the impact it will have on the public and many small businesses.  Previously in 2011, the Secretary of State for Health promised to take forward the regulation of Herbals Practitioners but to date there is no sign of progress.   Statutory regulation will require that practitioners follow a high standard of professional education and a programme of continuing professional development assuring quality practitioners. If statutory regulation fails to go ahead there will be a loss of a wide range of herbal medicines supplied by Practitioners to their patients.
I would urge you to support statutory regulation and have attached a 'letter' which you can download and use to write to your MP.  If you would like to learn more about statutory regulation I have also attached a leaflet which provides further information or alternatively please contact me when I will be happy to discuss the subject with further details.'
Here are the letters supported by Jane Ramsden (Medicinal Herbalist) who works at Shipley Health Store:


Dear Herbal Supporter

We ask you to put pressure on the Government to fulfil its firm pledge to provide statutory regulation for herbal practitioners (SR) without which the public will be at risk, many small businesses will be imperilled and the provision of this very popular form of medicine from herbal experts will be undermined. You can get the Government to deliver SR by writing to your MP as soon as possible. To help you do this here are the essential facts in the letter we are providing. Please would you be kind enough to address, sign and send this letter to your MP or, if you prefer, please use the information provided to write your own? The future of herbal practice depends on this campaign.  Thank very much you for doing this!

Michael McIntyre

On behalf of the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association






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