Summer Sale Bonanza

01 August, 2017

It is that time of year – the summer sale!  We thought we would highlight some groups of products for you… We want to make it really easy for you to be healthy and save some money


Whatever you are looking for we have a solution for you

Want to improve your hair skin and nails?

Why not try Think Krill filled with rich Omega 3 oils

We also have a lovely Vitamin E and Calendula cream for your skin. Calendula is a lovely plant with healing properties for the skin and Vitamin E is great for combating free radicals that can do so much damage to the skin. See our Hair blog for more suggestions!

Do you want children?

Viridian Fertility for Women and Nature’s Own Pregnancy Support will help you achieve your goal. It is really important to create a healthy home for your baby to grow in. These products help you do that

Feeling tired?

Boost your energy with one of our multivitamin and mineral formulas. It is easy as a woman to forget yourself and look after everyone else. Take a multivitamin to give yourself a lift

Not getting enough greens?

Sun Chlorella supplement provides those precious nutrients whilst supporting your digestion and immune system. What a winner!

Having trouble with veins and blood vessels?

There is nothing more soul destroying than summer and legs you don’t want to show off. Why not give Wonder legs a try?

Are you struggling with Menopause symptoms?

Menopause Support will help you through those uncomfortable flushes and the excessive sweating

Menoforce offers you help through the various stages of the menopause journey. These are two excellent products from one of our favourite suppliers A Vogel. Want more advice with menopause symptoms, see our blog.


Your children will have been working hard at school and are probably tired. Why not boost their immune systems with some extras like Zinc, calcium or Vitamin D3. Have look at our blog on Sun protection and vitamin D for more information.

Hay fever sufferers

The season can feel as if it will never end. It can destroy summer for some. Propolis products are terrific for those with throat and immunity issues. We have several options for you. Lozenges to suck, a throat spray and even a tincture – the choice is yours! Another alternative you can try is the Salt pipe – a great option for anyone with breathing challenges.

Feeling Stressed?

Wish the kids were back at school? Need to feel calmer? We have some fabulous products for you…

We have a couple of rhodiola and valerian products which really help you to relax. We even have a higher nature stress relief product which could be ideal for this time of year!

Sleep not happening?

Try Viridian’s popular Cherry Night. This formula has some great ingredients to encourage a good night’s sleep. For more tips on sleep see our blog.

Digestion Problems?

We talk about digestion issues and the health of the gut all the time. There are some many different challenges for your gut so we have offered you a selection

Bloat X – it is obvious what this helps with!

Bromelain and Papaya are digestive enzymes to aid the digestive processes.

Magastic is a help for anyone with indigestion

Eye Problems?

Bilberry is an important nutrient for the eye and we have two sizes of product for you to try.

Feeling sluggish?

A dose of Milk Thistle can get your liver working better and help you to detox all those summer goodies you have been eating

Want a change of drink? Try one of these teas

Lemon and Ginger – good for colds

Choco mint – what a treat!

Apple and Cinnamon – cinnamon helps blood sugar levels

Green tea with jasmine or lemongrass – good for detox

Pomegranate – a good one for hormones too

Lavender and Echinacea – a great cold buster

Watch this space for even more great deals throughout the year!






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