Ten ways to deal with exam stress

16 May, 2017

 It is the season of exams which can mean frayed tempers, anxious children and parents, and general upset at home.

How can you all get through more easily?

There are practical considerations:

Is there a sensible revision plan in place?

The plan is there is it being used?

What about time to relax and have fun?

Are they eating well?

How is everyone sleeping? Ensure there is relaxation time and a routine in place

Do they get some exercise each day?

Can you help in any way; do they need someone to test them?

Are you coping OK? Do you need to manage your anxiety or expectations?

Once you have addressed all of these questions there are some specific ways to help.

  1. Ainsworths Recovery Remedy is a flower essence that is brilliant for calming people down and making them more relaxed. It comes in drops or sweets so is easy to take into the exam room
  2. If sleep is an issue get them to take magnesium two hours before bed it will help the relaxation process. We also have natural sleep remedies too such as Sleep Aid.
  3. A good diet is really important so make sure they eat plenty of fish, fresh vegetables and slow release carbohydrates. Porridge or muesli will give them energy to keep going all morning.
  4. If they don’t like fish and so may not get their Omega 3 give them a fish oil supplement. Fish oil contributes to normal brain development
  5. Is anyone in the family really stressed? A combination of Magnesium and B complex will support them. Both contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system
  6. Do they panic? Do they anticipate everything that could go wrong? If so Arg Nit 30c is a wonderful homeopathic remedy to help them feel more relaxed
  7. Rosemary is a lovely oil to burn in the house as it aids concentration
  8. Grapefruit oil is really uplifting so if anyone feels despondent get them to blend some drops of oil with a cream and rub it on their wrists
  9. Deep breathing is incredibly effective to counter anxiety. Even taking three deep breaths can bring someone back down to planet earth!
  10. Get them to visualise a positive outcome, imagine getting the marks they want, really see that happening and what it brings to them – i.e. a place at their favoured University / the job they want


Good Luck it will all be over soon so pace yourselves and plan some treats to celebrate when it is all finished

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