The Alternative Pharmacy
11 February, 2013

Often when people have a common health complaint like a nail infection, high blood pressure or a common cold there is a temptation to go straight to the pharmacy – however drugs can often hinder rather than help your holistic health. Over-reliance on chemical-based solutions to our health problems is reaching epidemic proportions in the USA and as always we’re not too far behind!

For one thing, the emphasis in pharmacies is on “sick-care” rather than “health-care” – which it should be! Rather than just fixing things when they go wrong, healthcare should be about keeping your body, mind and soul in good working order – something we believe in passionately here at Shipley Health Store, “Looking After You” being our motto!

Here at Shipley Health Store we are experienced in Medicinal Herbalism, Nutritional Therapy, Holistic Care and Mental Health. You can come into our store to talk to our professional advisers – on staff are a qualified herbalist, a nutritionist and a mental health nurse who are all capable of offering lifestyle advice on a wide range of health issues and tips on how to keep them arising in the first place! Keeping proper nutrition is half the battle in maintaining your health and we make it easier with our range of health supplements, multi-vitamins and herbal preparations.

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