The Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and White Wine….

05 September, 2017

 We talked about the advantages of using extra virgin olive oil in our blog on 11th July. We told you about the fabulous oil that we sell Giuliano’s extra virgin olive oil.

The oil is proving very popular with you. We are delighted that you are enjoying it and why not? It’s a great tasting oil offering you the richness and depth of flavour that really enhances any dish. We really love that it comes from a family run business in Sicily so we know we are giving you something very special.

So you are wondering about our heading what are the benefits of olive oil and white wine?

A couple of weeks ago the Superfoods programme on channel 4 ran a feature on olive oil and white wine….

In summary, drinking a glass of white wine with your food – that has been drizzled with olive oil has a protective effect for the body. There are compounds such as tryrosol that help reduce inflammation and as you know inflammation is the starting point for many diseases.

Now this is only one study so much more research needs to be done but consider this...The people in the region where the study took place eat lots of pork and no vegetables!

Personally, I love my veg too much but its good news for anyone that doesn’t and equally demonstrates the benefits of olive oil and white wine!

The study was based on moderate intake so one glass of wine a day provided the protective effect.

Need more convincing about Olive Oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best fats for us to consume along with avocados and nuts. We need fats in our body for many different purposes including nourishing the brain.

On 4th September the Superfoods programme focused on olive oil again. This time the research – again in very early stages and still to be tested on humans suggested that it may be beneficial in preventing Alheizmers disease. Research on mice with alheizmers indicated a 90% reduction in the plaque in the brain which kills brain cells. The magic ingredient is oleocanthal.

How do you know if your oil has oleocanthal in good measure?

Take a glug and if the burn hits the back of your throat and makes you cough you have a good oil!

We know that the world of nutrition will continue to evolve and reveal more secrets. Watch this space and we will share more with you each week.




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