The Detox Bath and its many benefits

27 July, 2017

We have an exciting new product to introduce to you: Bikun have introduced a range of detox products that can help you in so many ways.

When we detox we are removing toxic substances from our bodies these could be allergens like foods, pollen or animal fur or medications, stress or pollutants from the atmosphere

Some people will argue that we do not need a particular system to detox because it is a natural process for the body. We would argue that may well be true when we are in full health.

Our question would be what happens when the body is overloaded with stress or toxicity? There reaches a point when the body can no longer successfully eliminate all that it needs to. We talk regularly about the importance of digestive health. Our digestive systems suffer because of the foods we eat and our lifestyles.

We have become so sedentary that our systems do not work effectively to remove the overload we pile into our systems. This ultimately makes us ill. This is when we reach for our detox solutions.

There are a number of detox methods. There are detox teas, detox supplements like milk thistle and dandelion, elimination diets, fasting, skin brushing, or simply making lifestyle changes.

Hydrotherapy has always been closely associated with both relaxation and detoxification. Think back in our own history and how the Victorians would travel to our various Spa towns to take the waters. Today, this concept is still a worldwide and popular health practice.

Water and hydrotherapy have been successfully treating people of a multitude of diseases for a very long time. Louis Kuhne was the father of the ‘friction sitz bath’.

Incredibly, man’s best friend inspired him. Kuhne was very ill himself and looking for his own cure. During this time he watched his sick puppy lick herself better. She continually licked her groin and only drank water after a few days she was back to her vibrant self.

Watching the puppy encouraged Kuhne to try her approach on his own ailing health. This was the birth of the friction sitz bath. Kuhne associated the basis of disease with the body’s inability to eliminate all the waste and toxins. The friction sitz bath stimulated the body to push waste and toxins to the colon for elimination. Kuhne also supported his regime with the promotion of a vegetarian diet and regular intake of water.

The friction sitz bath involved a water soaked cloth rubbed around the sexual organs. These organs retain most heat and so the contractions created by the cool cloth and the heat of the body led to stimulation of the lymph, nerves and cardiovascular system and subsequent elimination of toxic substances from the body.

Does a Detox bath work?

What is so interesting is that the patients that Kuhne treated had already tried other medications to no avail. The success of the detox bath is shown by the incredible success rate Kuhne achieved with his patients over a broad spectrum of diseases.

So let us fast forward to today and the Bikun range. These products recreate the effects of a friction sitz bath in a convenient pad, anklet, eye mask or breast cup.

Following the principles Kuhne understood the Bikun products replace the cool cloth and act to stimulate contractions that stimulate cardio vascular, lymph and nerves. This stimulation in turn leads to elimination of those disease inducing toxins and better health.

These fantastic products can help you deal with a variety of health issues. Symptoms that can be improved include allergies, hay fever, back or joint pain, menstrual problems, discomfort during pregnancy and oedema to name but a few.

The eye cooler has a multitude of uses. For any one experiencing hay fever, eye strain, tiredness, headaches, cold symptoms or allergies then the eye cooler can offer comfort and relief.

The anklet allows anyone with oedema, sports injuries, and arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation or circulation issues to gain relief.

The larger pad used in the groin area helps those with menstrual issues, pregnant women, ibs sufferers, back and joint pain, weight loss, constipation or general stress.

We could be boring and say there is a detox bath for colds, a detox bath for weight loss, a detox for joint pain, a detox bath for tiredness and we could continue but we think you get the picture…

Detox baths can really help many conditions

We love it when we can introduce you to a fantastic product that works on simple principles without using any unnecessary ingredients and this product ticks all the boxes. Please look at the products in our shop!





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