The Gazegill Farm Way
25 August, 2013

Supporting Organic through and through - this is the ethos of the custodians of Gazegill Farm.

Our Family, Our Organic Farming Ethos

Our family have been farming at Gazegill for about 500 years and as current custodians our responsibility to continue farming in a sustainable and nature led way is very important. We have always believed that nature is never wrong and farming organically produces healthier food from happier animals within a sound ecological system. Happy, healthy animals make better food with a traditional flavour. The rare and traditional breeds that we keep are better suited to the organic system and are slowly grown, this ensures a longevity of life based around a natural approach to farming. We love them to bits, they are our extended family.

We have traditional Hay Meadows that are species rich in flowers, herbs and grasses, these promote an abundance of natural habitat for our birds, and other wild animals. We are currently within the higher level environmental stewardship scheme with Natural England and we truly believe that joining this scheme is a natural progression for Gazegill with its biological heritage sites and our beautiful nature. A relaxed approach to farming and with an emphasis on true welfare, we believe that our animals benefit from this diverse natural system. In addition to our nature our ancestors had the foresight to leave in tact many ancient monuments on our farm, from ridge and furrow to Roman roads, our charge is to protect them and pass them on…

To coin a phrase we have always said “its what’s not in it rather than what is”, this we think is key to our commitment to food that is natural in its rearing and happy in its life. Happy, healthy animals make better food.

Gazegill Farm

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